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Your Thoughts on Stan

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  1. "My thoughts and prayers go to the Musial family. Stan will forever be in my heart. It was always an honor to be at the ball park when Stan made an appearance. Thanks for the memories." - Lisa Baxter
  2. "What an icon he was to the sport of baseball. My husband and I both grew up watching him play. He was truly a gentleman on the field and off thoughts and prayers to his family and the Cardinal players past and present. His memory will live on R. I. P." - Cathy Bittner
  3. "R.I.P. Dear Stan " The Man " Musial!!! You are & will always be the heart & soul of St. Louis Baseball !! You will be missed!! God speed & all our thoughts & prayers are with your family at this time of sorrow!!" - Debbie Moore
  4. "Thank you for all you gave to baseball. My heart is heavy and knowing you will not be here on opening day is even more painful. You are now and forever etched in our minds. You are finally with Lillian and that is a warm thought for me. My very first thought when the message came across my phone was sadness and my second thought was my mother gets to meet Stan the Man today; she loved her cardinals! Heaven is now an even brighter place. Thank you Stan Musial. Thank you....." - Carla Ogden
  5. "Stan was not only a wonderful person but had a wonderful life. I saw the President putting on the Presidential Medal of Freedom around his neck in February 2011 and couldn't think of a better person to have received this recognition. Baseball and the Cardinals will miss him and what he did for baseball and for the community. My husband and I send our condolences to the Musial family." - Cynthia Stevenson
  6. "I met Stan thirty years ago when he had his resturant called "Stan and Biggies" My dad and I were going to a Blues game at the Checkerdome and wanted to grab a bite to eat. Stan was walking around the floor making sure ALL his customers were happy with their meals. Stan came up to our table with a huge smile and asked us if all was good with the meals. Told him how much we loved his resturant and his legacy in STL. R.I P. Stan WE WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!" - Mike Shupe
  7. "What a true athlete and great humanitarian we have lost. You don't have to be a Cardinals fan to know the impact he made on baseball." - Paula Gordon
  8. "As a young boy growing up in Bloomfield Iowa Stan was my hero. I was always "Stan the Man" when we played pickup baseball games. He was everything good about baseball and I have held him in reverence my entire life. My son presented me with a replica jersey like Stan wore in 1944 for Christmas 2012. Heaven on a hanger. He was the greatest Cardinal of them all and I will miss him." - Glen Vanlandingham
  9. "For almost 60 years the memory of sitting with my Dad and listening to Stan hit 5 Homers in a doubleheader is still a part of me to this day. Those front porch days and the miracle of becoming a Cardinal fan for life at my Dad's knee are simply the best memories of all. Stan will always be loved and be a hero to many of us!!! Thanks Stan and thanks Dad!" - Larry Dorsey
  10. "In 1958 I was ten years old and in love with the game of baseball. My heroes were major league baseball players. I read in a sports magazine that if you mailed a two cent post card requesting an autographed picture that some players would honor the request. That summer of 1958 I was thrilled to receive nine post cards from Harvey Kuehn Jim Bunning Hank Aguirre Frank Bolling Early Wynn Red Schoendienst (Milwaukee Braves) Bob Turley Don Larsen & Tony Kubek. Then to my surprise I received a manila envelope one day which contained an eight by ten signed picture of "Stan Musial"! It is wonderful to have a man of Mr. Musial's character for a hero. My daughters made a picture box for me in which Mr Musial's picture is featured. Thank you Mr. Musial for the way you lived your life and may God bless your family !" - dean nelson
  11. "In the baseball capital of the world Stan was the king of the city. But more than that he was the bright smiling face that was a more than a ball player he was gentleman. To paraphrase Ford Frick humanities perfect warrior humanities perfect knight." - Thomas McGrail
  12. "A Cardinal fan since 1934 I remember well Stan Musial joining the Cardinals and leading them to years of successes. Many of his records will never be matched. He was not only a great baseball player but also a great person." - Charles B. Nam
  13. "Growing up in St louis in the 50's Stan was always the best of Cardinal baseball. On and off the field. Honered to have seen him play and see his last game at Sportman's Park. May he rest in God's grace with his beloved wife. We will never see the like of him again." - GARRY HUDSON
  14. "Stan you were simply the greatest both as an athlete and as a person. The world of sports today needs people like you." - Anthone Colovas
  15. "I remember listing to my transistor radio to the Cards Games as I went to bed hearing Jack & Harry tell us about another hit by Stan. While I was never able to see Stan in his prime he was better than most at the end of his career than many in their prime. When Stan was done playing I remember talking to Stan after a Big Red game and promoting his soccer team he was part owner of. I have seen Stan on numerous occasions and he always took time to talk with that big smile of his. I am proud to have seen him and have an autographed picture and a ball for my grandson Try will never have the same opportunity to see such a great player or human being in their lifetime. God Bless Stan the Man Musial and enjoy your next game with your old friends you'll never be forgotten or loved. Thanks for all the memories." - Larry Guessfeld
  16. "The Man was one of the best to ever play the game. I listened to the last game of his wonderful career and I can still hear Harry Caray urging Stan to hit one on the roof. Thanks Stan... You were great!" - Bruce Hightower
  17. "I only got to hear the great stories of The Man but he was awesome! People outside of Midwest sometimes don't realize how great he was! For me personally seeing him every opening day was the greatest thrill. It will never be the same. I got to see him riding into stadium on opening day in 2011 still great to be that close and see him wave! RIP to the greatest Cardinal!!!" - Christopher Inman
  18. "This is truly a sad day for Cardinal Nation and all who love baseball. I had the pleasure of watching Musial play from 1946 until he retired in 1963-I was fortunate enough to attend his final game. I was also at the double- header where he hit 5 home runs. We had to leave in the 5th inning to get home to do home work. So we're standing out on Grand Avenue when we hear this tremendous roar-and- here comes the ball ot of the park and it bounces in the middle of the street Two cabbies come to a screeching halt jump out and start chasing the ball. Where were we- and- what were we thinking. Stan Musial is on of the 10 greatest hitters in the history of baseball-and-also one of the nicest players to ever wear a uniform. God speed-a part of history has died with you." - FELIX BAZ-DRESCH
  19. "I was born and raised in Chicago everyone around me was either a Cub or White Sox fan in the early 50's my mothers family moved to Taylorville Il. where we would go for the entire summer vacation. My uncle who was originally from St. Louis had access to box seats at the old Sportsmans park where we would go 6 to 10 times a summer. How I loved the neon "redbird" dancing across the the left field stands. And the best part was I got to watch Stan Musial! What a player and what a gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting him and shaking his hand at a get together in 1956. When he got his 300 hit I was in the stands at Wrigley Field cheering for him. I've been a Cardinal fan for almost 60 years and the biggest reason is Stan the Man love him and will miss him may he rest in peace." - Looie Green
  20. "Stan was my dad's hero! Our father died Sept 2012 even until his death we shared our love of baseball. My father would talk of Stan and watching him as a child...his eyes would shine and just speaking of the man seemed to take my dad back in time. He would speak of how Stan got his nickname and a huge smile would come across his face! On one shopping trip my family bought our preacher father a Musial jersey and he put it over his dress shirt and teared up. This shirt hung at his funeral along with pictures of Stan and a book about him. My father was a wonderful man and a Baptist Minister...But oh how he came alive talking about his hero. Dad never got to however our entire family would love to tell the Musial Family Thank you for sharing your dad with our dad. It meant so much we will miss Stan he will always be the best Cardinal! RIP Stan!" - Deanna Allgier
  21. "I was born and raised in Chicago. However I am a Cardinals fan. I heard stories from die hard Cubs fans about Mr. Musial that was nothing but great things on and off the field. Mr.Musial was 1 of a hand full of Cardinals that got a standing ovation in Wrigley Field. He will be missed by all even die hard Cub fans" - Mark Pawlowski
  22. "Class Act !! He will always be "THE MAN" From a diehard Cubs fan." - Joe Belcaster
  23. "Mr Musial was a friend to so many St. Louisans. When my late husband Max J. Starkloff asked him to support causes related to disability rights Stan quickly agreed. Among other things he did he offered to sign baseballs to give to people who gave donations to our work on behalf of disability rights. And he recognized Max when he saw him at the airport or in other St. Louis locations. We will miss this great St. Louisan and we thank him for reaching beyond baseball to support the rights of people with disabilities. Our sincere condolenses to the Musial family." - Colleen Kelly Starkloff
  24. "Stan Musial was my hero and no doubt the main reason I became a baseball fan. I recall seeing him stretch an easy single into a double because he needed an extra base hit to establish a personal record. St. Louis is rightfully proud of him." - Jeanne Parker
  25. "I had my pic taken with Stan and manager Fred Hutchinson in the 1950s in Philadelphia a year later Stan signed it for me. He remembered my name and was a 5 year old it was the greatest thing in my life always my role model he was the best both on and off the field. RIP my hero" - Larry Gerencser
  26. "Stan Musial was the last truly great American sports hero. I have never heard anyone speak ill of Stan Musial. His behavior on and off the field was on a level that few if any have or will ever achieve again. Fathers could honestly say to their sons "that guy is the guy you should try to emulate." No greater sportsman no greater gentleman has ever graced the baseball diamond. The city of St. Louis was blessed to have him these many years and he will be sorely missed. Thank-you Stan for your service to the community and thank-you for always being a Cardinal. Rest in peace Stan and may God bless you and keep you." - Clint Caldwell
  27. "My Dad brought me up as a Cardinals fan. His favorite player was Stan The Man. Stan became my favorite player and I was fortunate to have seen him play several times. He will always be whats right about baseball. I thank him and his family for the memories. We loved him!" - Joann Keller
  28. "I grew up in East St. Louis IL and spent many an afternoon at Sportsman Park watching both the Cardinals and the Browns. I was there the day that Stan hit his five homeruns. What a great loss his death is for Cardinal Baseball. He was a great and honorable man." - Jim Pearson
  29. "Stan was truly "The Man" words can't express how Cardinals Nation and all fans of sports feel about the loss of a legendary player and gentleman like Stan Musial. His accomplishments on the field will be forever in the record books but his accomplishments as a true gentleman will always be in our hearts. Thanks for all the great memories Stan Musial." - Perry Darling
  30. "Stan was truly my first childhood hero. Not only was he a great player on the field he was also a gentlemen off the field. I was honored to have met him as a young boy and he gave me his full attention in that short meeting. God Bless Stan and Thank You for the great memories and moments for the Redbird Nation." - Gary Grubbs
  31. "I met him once when I was a small wasn't til a few years that I realized I had shaken the hand of Stan Musial. I remember him as a very nice man who took the time to greet a child. There will never be another player in baseball as loved or as iconic as Stan the Man. #6 and his harmonica will be missed......opening day will never be the same." - Tammy Thaxton
  32. "This tribute to Stan Musial comes from the book "Cardinal Fever" a salute to Cardinal fans everywhere. Whitey Herzog wrote the book's foreword. "An overhead ramp had recently been built to allow the players to move freely between the clubhouse and the playing field. Now they could reach the field without being crushed by autograph hounds. Nothing however kept the players from reaching over the railing to oblige the fans. Several players in fact had already stopped and signed some autographs that day. I had picked up Warren Spahn's signature and a few others but I was waiting for the "big guy" -- number six. A few minutes later he appeared making his way down the ramp. Sadly Musial was running late that day and had no time to stop for autographs. I had already thought that might happen and I knew what I had to do. As he passed I yelled at the top of my lungs 'Stan! Stan! I named my baby brother after you.' Musial stopped in his tracks and came back up the ramp. He reached down for my autograph book and signed the blank page. He didn't say a word and he didn't take the time to sign any other books or scorecards. That didn't matter to me. I had seen my hero face-to-face and had his autograph to prove it." This account in "Cardinal Fever" is a true story of a twelve year old kid from Springfield Missouri experiencing one of the most memorable days in his lifetime. Now seventy years-old I still look back at this day with a smile on my face. Stan was the best role-model any kid of my generation could possible have." - J. Terry Johnson
  33. "I wasn't lucky enough to watch Stan play but he still is a hero to me. He will live on forever in Cardinals Nation." - Chandler Maples
  34. "Coming from a Reds fan Stan is undoubtedly one of the best to ever play the game. He is an inspiration to every player spectator and lover of baseball. RIP Stan Musial" - Andrew Hale
  35. "I've never been a great writer nor have I ever been a great orator but I can say that I was greatly influenced by the game that Mr Musial made a huge impact upon. Baseball has seen many greats and Mr Musial is definitely one of them. He played the game for the love of the game and nothing else. He swung the heaviest bat and carried the team on his back with ease. The baseball Gods blessed this man as much as he blessed us. Thank you Mr Musial a real hero." - Christopher Salerno
  36. "Thank you Mr. Musial for demonstrating to all of us what a great man should look like.....on and off the field. Thank you for all that you gave to Cardinal Nation as well as to our city. Rest in peace .....and go give your sweet wife a kiss. We will surely miss you!" - Pam Klindworth
  37. "Although I never met you I hold you in the highest regard. Stan you touched countless lives on and off the field and showed so many people what true greatness looked like. I will strive to live like you did. One day I will share your story with my kids and I will start with these words: Here stands baseball's perfect warrior. Here stands baseball's perfect knight." - Ryan Kemp
  38. "I will always remember Stan and Lillian coming into the restaurant where I spent many an evening at Nantucket Cove now J Bucks in Clayton. Always with a pocket full of baseball cards and a smile for any fan who wanted to shake his hand or say hello. As I witnessed over the years his love for his wife his children his beloved Cardinals and the many many fans who often interrupted his dinner ... there would never again be an athlete a hero a man that displayed such humility and complete gratitude for the love bestowed upon him. RIP" - Melanie Carlson
  39. "Stan was an amazing player. When you name the greatest players from the 40's through the 60's you'd name Joltin' Joe Ted Williams Hank Aaron etcetera but one name always stands out the most. Stan "The Man" Musial. He was a big role model for me growing up and I don't know what to do without you. Rest in Peace Stan." - Joey Miller
  40. "Stan Musial will be remembered for all that is good." - Claudette Maskrey
  42. "A true gentleman and an athlete who played purely out of love of the game. He has been my hero since I could remember. Stan The Man you will be missed. I know you will be playing first base on God's Hall of Fame team." - Dennis Noah
  43. "Thanks to Stan's family for sharing their Dad and Granddad with us Cardinal Nation. We are so blessed to have had him as long as we did." - Linda Stewart
  44. "Mr Musial was such a gentleman. I was honored to have seen him play. He was Cardinal Nation and will always remain in our hearts. I grew up in St Louis and now live in Texas - I feel like I have lost a friend." - Nancy Breihan
  45. "This is a sad day for all St.Louis. Stan was the man to every kid growing up a cardinal fan. He had a smile that could light up a dark room and played the game because he loved it. When the color barrier was broken in baseball he treated every black player he came to know with respect and dignity. He could have played well past 1963 but bowed out on his own accord There are numerous stories about stan and how he would wreck havoc on a teams pitching staff but the one that sticks out in my mind happened when a manager wanted to have his pitcher hit stan with a fast ball and the pitcher replied Im not throwing at him hes too nice a guy. To which the manager replied youre right. For the lucky ones who got to watch ol number 6 where gonna miss you rest in peace Stan." - tony pusateri
  46. "My 50 year devotion to the Cardinals started because of Stan Musial. It was in the name. Truly said there will never ever be another one like him. Ford Frick provided the perfect citation. Thanks Stan for making the great game you loved even greater. Thanks for being a Cardinal!" - Stan Tinker
  47. "Baseball's perfect warrior but an even greater human being. I was never able to see him play in uniform but his feats are legendary and he is in the very fabric of Cardinals and St. Louis. As long as there are Birds on the Bat his legacy will live on in the Cardinal Way." - Martin Watson
  48. "First time I met Stan was 1985 at Spring Training. My Dad was getting surgery at home in Phila. Stan signed a ball to my Dad wishing him well. When my Dad passed away 7 years later I buried Dad's treasured ball with him. RIP Stan and tell Dad I said hello." - kenny quirk
  49. "I'm a 4th generation Cardinals fan. My 86 yr old father tells about his father before- they had electricity pulling his car near the kitchen window & wiring a radio to the battery to listen to Cardinal games on KMOX. My prayers are with the Musial family today. I will never forget the joy he brought to my family. Thanks for everything Stan." - Larry Cleverley
  50. "I'm a huge baseball fan from Scotland only 16 years old. I obviously never had the privilege of getting to watch Stan Musial play baseball but his reputation and legacy will transcend time and rivalry. I am a Red Sox fan but I still felt a lump in my throat when I heard the news and I still get goosebumps when I watch his best moments. Some people build a legacy and cement themselves in folklore and Stan the Man has done this. May he never be forgotten. RIP x" - Steve MacDonald
  51. "I never got to see The Man play. I was born many years after his career. However I knew how great Stan Musial was. I did a speech as Musial in high school. I created the Stan The Man Musial Facebook page to encourage President Obama to award him the Medal of Freedom. I continue to promote Mr. Musial on the page. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Musial once. He signed his autograph shook my hand and took a photo with me. It was an honor. He was and will forever be The Man!" - Greg Stoltz
  52. "My condolences to the Musical family. Thank you Stan for all the wonderful memories. I will always treasure each song we sang each song you played. For all the jokes you told and tricks you showed. Cupcakes made of chocolate you so did love. We miss you already. But you live in the hearts of so many. May God bless your beautiful family always. Heaven's singing a song today and within your brides arms Forever you will be." - Donna Reed laster
  53. "My condolences to Dick and the rest of the family. Your dad was a profoundly important role model for me during our days as playmates. There is much else I could say but as everyone else is saying it already I need not repeat. Again my sympathies." - Dick Purdy
  54. "I went to a doubleheader vs. the Giants in the 50s It was Jack Buck's first broadcast after coming from Rochester Stash hit 5 homers in doubleheader Buck turns to Harry Caray and asks " Does he do this all the time?" I have Polish blood from my Mother's side proud of it and will miss "The Donora Greyhound"!!" - Jerome Mercurio
  55. "On August 27 1960 my father took me to my first Cardinals game as a skinny 11 year old boy. It took 6 long hours to drive the distance from Indiana. St. Louis was playing the Pirates eventual World Series champs and Bob Gibson was the starting pitcher. The game was tied in the bottom of the ninth when Musial stepped to the plate. I looked up to my dad and said "I hope he hits a home run." On that pitch I leaped out of my seat as did the rest of the crowd but in my mind Stan "The Man" Musial had just won the game for me! Tears of joy streamed down my cheek!. Needless to say the 6 hour drive home that night was a dream come true for this skinny 11 year old boy from Indiana. About 5 years ago I got to sit down and talk with Stan about that night and had him sign the scorecard I had kept all those years waiting for the chance to meet him. He Stan(ds) with my father as my two greatest heroes." - Greg Baugh
  56. "My childhood hero. Still remember the chills when he came up to bat. My condolences to his family and the Cardinal family." - Vicki Baker
  57. "Stan the Man was my 1st sport role model. My dad & I used to watch Card's games together on Sat. Afternoons when I was a 'pipsqueak' . Dad used to tell what a good man he was outside his great baseball exploits. And that was in the '60's! It's why I'm a Card's fan still. Rest In Peace Stan! May 'The Birds on the bat' fill your soul with sweet music during the 7th inning stretch of your 'Field of Dreams' My deepest condolences to the Musial family" - Jon Whitesell
  58. "Loved Stan from the time I was eight-years old! Have told stories over and over about what a wonderful man athlete and role model he was for so many of us during the 1940s and 1950s! Saw him play many times when the Cardinals came to Philadelphia. Cried when he received the Medal of Freedom! He truly deserved it! Stan was such a part of my life for which I am so thankful ! Condolences to his family from all of mine!" - Gloria Lyczak Snyder
  59. "I was privileged to get to watch this man's whole career. When he was starting out I was a six-year-old member of the Knot Hole Gang at the old Sportsmans Park. This man lived his life as it should be lived and played the game as it should be played. So very few come along who do not let exceptional success inflate their ego. If only the younger athletes would pattern their lifestyles after a genuine hero such as he was. Thanks Mr. Musial for a lifetime of wonderful entertainment and memories. Your lifetime fan Jimmy" - James Webb
  60. "Stan has touched three generations in our family. We have watched Stan play and met Stan at his office. He is someone that showed class on and off the field. I am happy that we had the chance to know Stan and learn to live by the example that he gave us. Cardinal Nation is forever in his debt and he will never be forgotten." - Jonathan Hinkle
  61. "Grew up in St. Louis watching Stan delighting us on and off the field. Later spent 20+ years in the media watching the many great things Stan did for the community sports and inspiration to young and old to serve as a roll model. Thanks for making my life better by your actions." - Gil Ludwig
  62. "Growing up in a suburb of St. Louis some of my best childhood memories were listening to Cardinals games on KMOX and sometimes actually getting to go to a ballgame downtown. I still remember watching Stan play and my father telling me that I was watching history in the making as Stan was probably the greatest player I would ever see. Since that time as a lifelong member of Cardinal Nation though I have been fortunate to see many talented players my father's words ring true. Rest in peace Stan. You will always epitomize the best to me both as an athlete and as a man." - Sherry Graehling
  63. "From the time when I was a little kid until today at age 69 I have loved this man. He wasn't just a great ballplayer but he was a great human being. I will always remember the day my wife and I had the honor of sitting at the same table for dinner at a mutural friends house. I could hardly speak I was so excited. And this from a guy who has met movie stars and Presidents of the United States. God Bless you Stan. Like my father I will always remember you." - Frank Harris
  64. "My Dad was a huge fan and so was I. I remember my visits to Sportsman Park to watch him play. A true leader of men and he promoted integration in baseball. An inspiration for everyone he met. It was an honor to have known Stan The Man! Go Cards!" - LARRY MOORE
  65. "My father worked for Brown Shoe Company headquartered in St. Louis and in the late 50's and early 60's he would take my younger brother and myself to see two or three games(usually doubleheaders ) each summer. He would get us up at 3:00 am and the three of us would pile into the car and begin our journey from northeast Arkansas to see Stan The Man and the Cardinals. We usually beat the players to the ballpark and would wait outside to get them to autograph our family baseball. Then we would go inside and watch them warmup and take batting practice. We got alot of autographs but could never get Stan's. One year my brother invited a small friend of his along and the three of us camped out by the Cardinal dugout waiting for Stan to come out. I had the Johnson family baseball which had years of autographs on it waiting for the chance to finally get The Man to put some ink on it. . When Stan came out he began playing pitch and catch with Ken Boyer. As gametime approached the players began walking back to the dugout and it looked like we had struck out again but then suddenly this little friend of my brother took my baseball yelled at Stan to catch it and threw it at him.Stan caught it in self-defense walked over to us and smiled and said "That quite an arm you got there kid" He took our pen and signed it. And that was a homerun for us that day in the Old Sportman's Park. Thanks for that memory Stan. RIP." - Spencer Johnson
  66. "R.I.P Stan Musial! My son is an avid baseball fan and a great young player himself he loves the Cardinals. He has Asperger's and could tell you everything about every player in the mlb. At only 14 years old the look on his face when I told him of Stan Musial's passing was as if he knew him personally and immediately turned his Tv on MLB Network! I bought a Stan Musial Jersey many years ago for my dad and after he passed away 11 years ago it is now my pride possession. Prayers to the Musial family and the Cardinals organization!!" - Shelly Glenn
  67. "Thanks Stan the Man for all those magic moments that brought a smile to my lips put happy tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Those times when you showed how much you loved your team your fans and your home town. No one will ever be able to replace you in our hearts. Rest peacefully dear sir. You deserve it." - Pam Struttmann
  68. "I saw my first Cardinals ballgame in 1955 at age 7 as a local kid in St. Louis. That began my devotion to the Redbirds and my admiration for Stan Musial. He truly was a role model on and off the field. I met him in 1995 at the National Sports Collectors Convention in St. Louis. Attendees lucky enough to get his autograph ticket stood in line for a few hours to meet Stan. He was a good husband father and grandfather. He also was faithful Catholic who called Pope John Paul II his friend. This is a sad day for me and others. I was honored to be in his time." - Bob Scott
  69. "Heavens Lineup just got thier Cleanup Hitter today! God Bless The Musial Family ! We'll Miss "The Man"!" - Bruce Poff
  70. "I grew up talking Cardinal baseball with my Dad. He told me all about Stan and how he watched him play in person. I purchased a #6 Cards jersey for him a couple years before my Dad Jack passed away. It was the only Cards jersey I ever saw him wear in all his 67 years as a Cards fan and I have it now. As long as Stan was alive I felt a small piece of my Dad was as well. Stan- "Could you and my Dad go play some catch?" It really does feel like baseball heaven now....." - Terry Crook
  71. "It seemed like everytime my father took me to see the Cardinals as a kid the same scenario played out - Musial doubled off the screen in right field to drive in the winning run. His heroics and demeanor are so deeply ingrained in my childhood memories that news of his passing has touch my heart. To his family my condolences. To all the boys like myself growing up in St.Louis in the 1950's who filled their summers with baseball - man we were lucky." - Thomas Kruzich
  72. "The most memorable accolade I can recall of Stan Musial the ballplayer came in a national sports magazine five years or so ago where the author in all seriousness picked Stan as the most underrated player in MLB history. Perhaps you had to grow up here to fuly appreciate his abilities." - paul agathen
  73. "Met Stan at Union Station 1957. He rubbed my head and said " How you doin' kid "? Wouldn't let mom wash my hair for weeks. I was eight years old. About thirty years later I met him again and told the story about our first meeting. I said to him " You remember that; right? " He laughed and said " Sure kid I remember that". What a wonderful human being. God bless Stan The Man." - James King
  74. "I have been a Cardinal fan since 1941 and Stan Musial has been my hero since 1942. I had the privilege to see him play twice in l954 in Ebbets Field and years later at the Polo Grounds. I did follow his amazing career for 22 years even when i was overseas with the Air Force. A few years ago I contacted Musial via E-mail told him the story of how an 8 year old boy became his fan in my native country of Cuba. Musial answered within a few days. He sent me an autograph poster dedicated to me. It said. "To Pete Pinera a great Musial fan". I wll treasure this poster for the rest of my life. Stan Musial is my hero and will remain my hero. Stan Musial was indeed The Man. Rip No. 6" - Arsenio Pinera
  75. "The news came tonight - it is too late to write that letter to my only hero: Stan the Man Musial. I was afraid some young staffer would read it and laugh at the 'schmaltziness' of it... How I cried when I came home from school on Tuesday May 13 1958 to a note from Dad: Stan did it today. "It" was his 3000th base hit a pinch hit double to left in the 7th off Moe Drabowsky at Wrigley. ..Or the tears I shed as I recorded his retirement ceremonies on my first tape recorder that Sunday Sept. 29 1963... And the dislike I felt for Gary Kolb who simply pinchran for him after his last base hit that day... Or the dislike I felt for manager Solly Hemus for benching him so much an entire season - only to have Stan come back and hit over .300 the next year... Or the chills I felt as he walked by me after a game in 1978 as I stood frozen in that spot unable to call out to get his attention...Or the pride I feel whenever I reread his biography especially the part about rejecting the Mexican League offers to remain with the Cardinals and the cheapest owner in baseball Sam Breadon out of loyalty...And the smiles when I think of his accomplishments one of which has never been duplicated: he hit a home run on his first at bat after becoming a grandfather - it was number 401 and happened at Forbes Field after son Dickie and wife had their first child. But most of all I feel so much gratitude for being able to grow up during his playing days and seeing him play at old Busch Stadium on Grand and Dodier at Wrigley and at Milwaukee's County Stadium where he was 2 for 4 off Warren Spahn that day and to be able to say I have a real hero: Stan the Man Musial - yes Here stands baseball's perfect warrior here stands baseball's perfect knight. Thanks for the memories Stan sorry I'm a bit late but thank you for being The Man in every way." - Judy Patsch
  76. "Thank you for all you have done for others. I have few heores but you will forever be in my mind heart and soul. Meeting you at the old Stadium Club will always be a highlight of my life. Whenever I think of fair play excellence and respect for others I think first of Stan Musial. Farewell." - Robert Kely
  77. "I would like to send my condolences to the Musial family all the way from Belgium. My dad was a huge fan of The Man. Stan actually used to live in our neighbourhood of St. Louis Hills. I'm so proud of that. He was a great St. Louisan a great Catholic and a great baseball player. He was a model of sportsmanship but before everything else he was a great man. He will forever be my hometown hero. He makes me proud to be a St. Louisan." - Michael Cross
  78. "The first game I heard on KMOX was when Stan got his 3000th hit. I asked my dad why everyone was so excited. My dad replied " A great man just did a great deed." That was the begining of my membership in Cardinal Nation. I can still hear Harry Carey scream There it is hit # 3000." - Joe Gentile
  79. "Our deepest sympathy to your family on the loss of a great man. I did have the sincere pleasure of meeting Mr. Musial on several occasions and got to work with him for a few hours at the WWU many years ago. He treated EVERYONE like a friend! Thoughts and prayers to your family!!!" - Elizabeth Hauser
  80. "I can still remember my grandpa sitting on his front porch in the hot St. Louis summers evenings listening to Cardinals Baseball on his radio. When Stan Musial would come up to bat he'd say "now thats a ball player". My grandpa was an awesome man and he admired an awesome man!" - Carol Millatti
  81. "I was named after Stan by my father a big Cardinal fan. I was able to meet him many years ago in Little Rock while attending a card signing. Although an announcement indicated Stan would not be personalize his autograph he did when my turn came. When he learned that my dad had named me after him he said "Oh we are family". He then signed the ball To Stan a Great Fan - Stan Musial. He was a true gentleman and will be missed." - Stan Mitchell
  82. "I would like to offer you my most deepest sympathy for your loss. I had the pleasure of taking care of Mr. Musial when he was a patient at Missouri Baptist Hospital. I tried to be very professional and not bother him. Just went about my job of taking care of him. Well he stopped me and said "do you know who I am?" and I said of couse I do. And from that moment on we talked about the Cardinals and how much we enjoyed the game of baseball and the Cardinals. I remember him being such a kind man and very giving. He gave out autographed pictures to all the staff. He was a wonderful man and what a blessing he was to the City of St.Louis. He will never be forgotten. God Bless your family." - Tina Jefferson
  83. "Sincere condolences to the Musial family. Growing up with Stan the Man as our baseball idol all of us wanted to emulate his unique stance at the plate. We wanted to hit the ball in the gap off the pavilion screen or even onto its roof. We wanted to be the player he was. As we learned later Stan the Man was more than just a great baseball player. He was the father friend colleague and down to earth gentleman that all boys with a dream must mature into as they live out their hopes and dreams in this great country. Thank you Mr. Stanley Frank Musial. May you rest in peace." - Dave Thomasson
  84. "I've been a Cardinal fan since 1946 when I started following baseball earnestly. Even though I'm from PA I grew to love the Cardinals and the likes of Stan The Man. Went to Philly to see him play as often as I could. Missed three years while in the Army but back in 1957 to see the Cardinals. In my mind Stan Musial ranks near the top of the all-time greats. I believe in 1956 he was chosen as Player of the Decade over the likes of Ted Williams and Joe Dimaggio. Quite an achievement in itself not to mention all the other great achievements he made. He was my boyhood hero and remains so to this day. He was quite a Man. They don't make them like him anymore." - Merrill Schaeffer
  85. "I remember at a card show stan saw my harmonica sticking out of my pocket and he said hey kid can you play that? I said yep and he said you know Take Me Out To The Ball Game I said yep. And we played togather and soon a a big crowd grew around us.. He then gave me 2 photo aughtographs one of him in color and the other a small photo in black an white with his Restaurant add on it..He gave me a harmonica with his aughtgraph on it also.." - Harp Neal
  86. "My mom who died in 2011 had a special affection for Stan. She said she saw him get his first hit at Sportsmans Park as well as seeing him homer at game 5 of the 1944 World Series (the ticket hangs on my wall). When I took my mom to her one & only trip to Wrigley Field in the early 90's we were treated to a typical Wrigley slugfest in which Ozzie Smith was the hitting star. Two teenage girls were at the game with their parents. They did not receive that day's giveaway (a cap) because it had a Bud logo. My mom and I gave the girls our hats which made them extremely happy. Besides what could we use Cubs hats for. Their dad told a wonderful story about his first game at Wrigley and how his dad was teaching him to boo the opposing players. Stan came to the plate and he booed. His dad stopped him and said "Son we don't boo Stan the Man." The story was even better than the Cardinals' win that day." - Chris sanchez
  87. "You were such a gentleman when you met and made an autograph plaque for my son Joshua in 1995 when he was 8 years old. Unfortunately he died a year later but his meeting you was a highlight of his young life and he cherished that plaque!!! Thank you for all you did for Cardinal fans the game of baseball and your meritorious contributions to The United States." - Monte Parsons
  88. "Maybe with heroes falling by the day the sports world will look to the midwest where a kid from Donora showed us all how it should be done. The baseball world may never give him his due but New York can have Ruth and Mantle Boston can have Williams LA can have Koufx and the Duke cause Cardinal nation has the MAN. RIP Mr.Musial Love Cardinal Nation" - RYAN RECORD
  89. "RIP Stan. You are the reason why I had loved the Cards for so many years and have always wished I could have met you to say "thanks for being the kind of person I admire the most". Dance with the angels they will love the harmonica." - Dan Lakin
  90. "I am the second generation to grow up in St. Louis. We lived and died with the Cardinals (although we transferred with Anheuser-Busch to Virginia we still do). Mr. Musial was our idol. When I was 6 years of age my Dad obtained tickets for Stan's last game. This was to be a lifetime event in our family. The Friday before the game I pulled a dumb trick on my bike and received a concussion from the fall. We watched Stan Musial's last game from my hospital room. Dad was beside himself. It was like a blow in the stomach to hear of Stan's passing. He will always be "The Man" He will always be remembered." - Jack Menke
  91. "In 1954 at Crosley Field in Cincinnati I got Stan's autograph on a ball I caught during the game. After the game the players had to file through the crowd to enter the clubhouse. I ran up to Stan tapped him on the back with the ball and he autographed it. Stan Musial has been my hero for sixty years." - John Stegall
  92. "Stan you will be missed. You helped introduce my two kids now 11 and 13 to the game through my stories of you and your statue outside of the Stadium. Your statue was the meeting place and it was always "baseball home" when anyone mentioned your name. Rest in peace - you will always be a part of my family's baseball life." - Ron Present
  93. "There will never be another like him. The Man personified everything that was and is truly great about the game of baseball. While we all knew this day would eventually come I am sincerely beside myself. Having lost my own father 8 months ago makes this especially tough for me. My dad was one of the greatest Musial fans one could ever meet. Being born and raised in Cuba one of dad's favorite stories was about how he once wrote a letter to Stan sometime in 1959. He wasn't even sure of the address to send it to so he wrote out an envelope to Sportsman's Park and even made a little drawing of the stadium on the envelope labeling it "Home of The Man." Inside he sent a photo of my oldest brother decked out in a flannel Cardinals uniform my mom had made from scratch. Wouldn't you know it Stan replied to the letter from St. Louis all the way to Havana. In it he replied "great looking kid maybe we'll see him in the bigs some day." The Man transcended the game itself. In an age of cheaters and false idols where few true heroes are left today we all stand in the great shadow cast by his passing. Rest in peace Stanley Frank Musial baseball's perfect warrior baseball's perfect knight." - Roberto Dominguez
  94. "George Bernard Shaw once commented "A gentleman in our days is one who has money enough to do what every fool would do if he could afford it: that is consume without producing." It can be said of Stan Musial that he was certainly a "producer" - a producer of not only memorable baseball memories but also of tremendous sincerity and goodness accomplished with every step he took both on and off the field." - Denny Paradee
  95. "What's remarkable is how the story of your life will surly pass-down from Father to Son for generations to come here in St. Louis. That's what makes you "The Man". Congratulations on such an awe-inspiring life." - Charlie Oldani
  96. "Met Stan in Cooperstown a couple of times. It was the thrill of a lifetime. Also saw him there during many Hall of Fame Weekends. Always smiling always gracious always Stan The Man. It was such a joy to see him there each and every year and see how much he was enjoying himself. Everyone loved Stan "The Man" Musial." - John Heindorf
  97. "The best that has ever worn the leather or swung the bat in my opinion. Never had the pleasure to see him play. He is Stan The Man. Play ball Stan." - Andrew Wells
  98. "Had the pleasure of meeting Stan several times while I worked in the Cardinal room and Bullpen room at the second Busch Stadium as an usher. A very polite and great man he is. They are waiting in line in heaven to meet him also. Also had the pleasure of working with his Son-In-Law Dave at the stadium. Stan always took the time to greet fans in these rooms and would always shake my hand the nights I worked. I never saw him in regular street cloths. He always had on a suite. It was just part of his personality. I will miss you Stan." - Jim Layton
  100. "Stan has always been a hero to me. I was a baseball fanatic growing up playing on several teams every year high school and at a small college. I was playing baseball at the college in Florida in 1975 and working at a hotel parking cars where MLB had the winter baseball meetings. That's where I met Stan he was so gracious to me being a lifetime Cardinal fan and the fact that I was from St.Louis seemed special to him...he shook my hand had some encouraging words and signed his autograph for me. I have the autograph and a picture matted and framed in my is one of the most precious memories of my life! Thank you Mr. Musial and God bless you forever!!" - Mark Ottinger
  101. "I was drawn to become a fan of Stan Musial and the Cardinals as a child growing up not far from Shibe Park in Philadelphia. I saved my little allowance to buy good seats for Cardinal-Phillies ' games. I saw all the old Cardinal and Phillies' greats but none was greater than Stan the Man. Stan you always played with honor and dignity and lived your life in the same way. Rest in peace." - Norma Noonan
  102. "My first attraction to the St. Louis Cardinals and the great Stan Musial developed when I was a young child and would go to Busch Stadium #1 with my sister and her Girl Scout pack. We would always sit in the cheap seats at the top of the stadium and I would always get a popcorn in those megaphone containers after I ate the popcorn I would use the megaphone to yell and cheer for Stan the Man. He was my first and always hero I will forever miss him." - Gary Pappaspanos
  103. "Stan Musial was a man of impeccable integrity - a quality very few people possess. He was a true role model - not only for his athletic ability on the playing field but for the way he lived his life. The world would be a better place if more of us followed his example. There will never be another one like him. "Well Done is better than Well Said." - Benjamin Franklin" - Rose Harrell
  104. "I never got to see Stan play in person but the newspaper accounts of his exploits made me a huge fan from my earliest days. In later years I got to see Stan play in old newsreel footage and that simply confirmed what I already thought - he was one of the all-time greats. You could go around the world looking and not find a person that had anything bad to say about Stan. A humble man with midwestern values - a true treasure that the fans of St. Louis revered and rightly so. He was a giant among men even though he only stood 6 feet tall. I can remember an anecdote from Bob Broeg's biography "The Man's Own Story" where a sportswriter asked Stan why he was always smiling. Stan's response was classic - "I'm getting paid $100 000 to play a kid's game. Why shouldn't I be smiling?" I've been to St. Louis a couple of times over the years and I alway stopped at the park to touch the statue - I only wish that I could have shook his hand in person one time and thanked him for the joy he gave the fans during his career. God Speed Stash - we'll miss you but we'll never forget you." - Richard Bober
  105. "My father passed away on January 1st of this year. He was a diehard cardinal fan and Stan Musial was always his favorite Cardinal player. The first picture you see when you walk into my parents farmhouse is an autographed picture of Stan Musial hanging on the wall in the kitchen right above the chair my father always set in . I bet my father was among the thousands of Cardinals fans to greet Stan at the pearly gates. Our prayers go out to Stan's family. Cardinal Nation lost it's greatest ballplayer and more important greatest man." - Dan Mathes
  106. "Stan was my boyhood hero growing up in the '40s & '50s. I tried to copy his batting stance as a right handed hitter in high school. But nobody could hit that way but Stan The Man. I saw him play in person only 3 times once in an Old Timer's Game in 1972 and he hit a home run to the right field stands. Always a thrill to watch him play. Rest In Peace Stan. You will be missed." - Ben Thomas
  107. "We were lucky to be part of what he brought to this city.I was proud to tell people I wore #8 because of Willie Stargell I was proud to tell people I was left handed because of Stan the Man!They shared a spot on the all time HR list.Both were favorites of Jack Buck.I shook the hands of all three and I am a better man today because of them.Thanks for what you taught us baseball fans about being good people." - CRAIG BALL
  108. "in the mid 70's my parents had my brothers Bar Mitzvah at his restaurant. Mr. Musial came in to see him and everyone else. He went to every table and took pictures and gave autographed pictures of himself to all the kids. This wasn't something he didn't have to do but i thank you for it because i am a better person for meeting Mr. Musial." - Douglas Rubenstein
  109. "When I was a child I remember being at the ballpark and seeing Stan the Man and Mike Shannon walking around the levels at old Busch Stadium. Stan with a big smile playing his harmonica and Mike with a big stogey smiling and laughing. Those were the days when ballplayers had class and knew what the fans meant. Stan was larger than life because he was larger than life. A true American hero as well as Cardinal hero. Stan you will be missed by the world. Love ya." - Kevin Patterson
  110. "He was a role model in the way he played the game and lived his life . He was the greatest Cardinals' player ever in the history of the franchise. I have an autograph of his from a 1982 World Series game. After the game he was stuck in traffic in his limo. As I approached him he rolled his window down. I handed him my program and he autographed it. I watched him play on many occasions at the old Busch Stadium at Grand and Dodier. A sweet swing a doubles machine and lots of homers over the 310 foot porch in right field. We will all miss him for the thrills he produced when he played the game and the way he carried himself off the field." - Morton Denlow
  111. "In the 80's I was managing the Bevo Mill Stan came in one evening without a reservation. We were already behind but I sat he and his wife at the next available table and everyone understood. The best part is Stan saved my night someone went over to him and ask for an autograph and he pulled out a sharpie and a stack of cards with his story. For the duration of his dinner he signed autographs between bites and did it with the most genuine smile. Everyone felt special that evening. Thank you Stan for being a "Perfect Gentleman". You will be in our hearts forever!!" - MICHAEL SMITH
  112. "When I was about 8 years old my Dad took me to the airport to see the Cardinals as they returned from a road trip. My Dad saw Stan in the parking lot and asked if he would speak to me. He sat down his leather suitcase shook my hand and spoke to me for what my Dad said was a very long time. All I remember was standing with mouth open shaking his hand as I stared up at my favorite ball player. A week later my Mom told me to wash my hands before dinner. She noticed that I was eating left-handed while holding my right hand held below the table. She asked why I was eating with my left hand. My excuse didn't work and she made me show her my "dirty" right hand. When she asked why I didn't wash my right hand with tears steaming I replied " I can't wash my that hand because that's the hand that shook Stan's hand."" - Tom Dixon
  113. "To the family of one great baseball player . I can not express enough words for the loss of such a great person. I grew up watching Stan play the game hard every day. In 2006 I had the privilege to push Stan around the New Busch Stadium in a wheel chair on the opening day. We went to some of the party rooms and he was very gracious for the ride he stated this was his first ride in a wheel chair and he sorta liked it! Stan was loved by all and we will miss him. Bob Vielweber St. Louis Cardinal Usher" - Bob Vielweber
  114. "On last tip of the hat to the greatest Cardinal of all time "Stan the Man". " - Tony Laudano
  115. "Mr. Musial was one of my heroes. I even had his record album of "how to hit."" - Roy Dale Adams
  116. "Stan was the most influential person in my life and was my role model the past 60 years. I have literally thought about him every day since I was 7 years old. Since his passing my phone has not stopped ringing from friends offering me their condolances all of them knowing my feelings toward Stan. I had occasion to meet Stan the Man on 3 occasions (Forbes field in 1964 his restaurant in 1968 and with my then 11 year old son in our home town of Cleveland). When Stan asked my son what he wanted to be...he said "a major league baseball player". ....and he did. Rest in peace Stan and thank you for being the guiding light in my life." - Bill Russell
  117. "You are proof that baseball can and should be played the right way." - Jennifer Walleman
  118. "Stan The Man the name says it all to me he was my baseball hero i still have fond memories of sitting at Sportsman park with my grandfather who was friends with Stan and Stan would come up out of the dug out before the game and come to where we were sitting in the first row behind the Cards dug out and drink a coke with me and talk to grandpa . Then he would tell us he would see us at the next game and for me to be good as I was only 4 years old then but I remember everything just like it happened yesterday . May you and Lil be reunited in the happiness that you both knew and say hi to my grandpa ...... R.I.P. Stan The Man" - Roger Johnson
  119. "As a kid i had the pleasure of watching him play. He was the most exciting player that I have ever seen. It was a joy to go to sportsmans park just to see him play. The best ever." - lane nlcholas
  120. "I grew up in Jackson Tennessee and started being a Cardinal fan when I was 3 or 4 years old in Stan's heyday in the mid-50s. I saw him rarely on TV but he was the Man on my radio every night of each summer. When I was about 10 Stan came to Jackson to speak to the Boys Club which I was a member. I thought I had the worst job that night taking tickets up at the door. That was until I saw Stan coming. Wow was I one happy young man. He shook my hand and went inside. After the supper and his talk he stayed for quite sometime talking to us kids as if he was our next door neighbor. I will never forget that night nor the many baseball memories I have of him as the greatest Cardinal of all time. RIP Stan the Man." - Dean Manley
  121. "My first baseball glove was a Stan Musial model. My greatest memories were of Stan at Sunset Country Club. I caddied for Stan and Biggie He wasn't the greatest golfer but he was always a great person." - Jerry Wibbenmeyer
  122. "I am proud to have grown up as a Stan Musial fan/Cardinal fan. I saw him as a quiet caring man. He went to work everyday did his job in an exceptional way and didn't expect the world's applause. He was "my kind of guy". The kind of man you show to your kids and tell them "that's the way you do it"...I can imagine him entering through the gates of Heaven with Jack Buck announcing him in...what a beautiful reunion. We love you Stan thank you for being the ultimate Cardinal. Rest in Peace." - Terry Grebner family
  124. "Thanks for the memories at Busch Stadim when I was growing up in the 50's and 60's you were my hero. "Stan the Man"." - Clark McGrael
  125. "I remember playing little league and wearing #6. I had a scrapbook with every sports article in the paper I could find about him. Even had that little wiggle in my stance. RIP Stan the Man! You were the best example of success and glory and what MLB should be all about!" - Mike McKinney
  126. "I first became a fan of Stan's in 1955. In 1958 my mom took me to Union Station to greet him after his 3000th hit. The next night my grandparents took me to the game. After a pregame ceremony in his 1st at bat Stan hit a home run for 3001! I became an usher in '63 and saw Stan's final game. As boy through my adult years I've been privileged to have had many "encounters" w/Stan. In each instance my awe at being in the presence of my idol was equaled by my gratitude for his kind patient generous cheerful demeanor. I miss him just knowing he's no longer with us. He truly was "The Man"" - chip uhlemeyer
  127. "There are no words to describe how sorry the whole Cardinal nation is for the loss of Stan Musial (The Man). I listened to my grandfather father & numerous uncles & aunts praise his name for years. I was lucky to see him play (towards the end of his career) but to watch him at all the home openers sent a chill up my spine. I am so proud to be a part of that wonderful tradition of the Cardinals & Stan. I was able to attend a few Ball-B-Ques when they were being presented. So much fun so much pride for being from St. Louis. Stan is a role model for everyone to look up to & emulate. God Bless you Stan & I will miss you terribly. My prayers are with your family. His memory will live forever!" - Elaine Eilerman
  128. "This is truly a sad day for the Cardinals and St. Louis. I remember watching Stan Musial throughout the years but my fondest memories were watching the games at Sportsman's Park with my dad. For a child growing up with the Cards and especially with Stan Musial he brought us many thrilling games smiles good times but most of all fabulous memories. I'm sure that he and Jack are up there now singing "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" together. Thank you Stan for everything. I miss you." - Debbie Reber
  129. "Stan Musial was the best Cardinal ever!! Not only in the numbers he put up but in how he put the game above himself. While I realize that times are different now for athletes they could learn so much from from Stan's life! I was so impressed with how down to earth he was! I had the great privilege to notarize his will among other documents many years ago when I worked at a trust company. Whenever he called and I would ask who was calling so I could put the call through he would simply say "This is Stan". He kept pictures in his truck and would happily take you to his truck to sign one when asked for an autograph. He even played the harmonica for us one afternoon! Sail on Stan the Man there will never be another like you!" - Paula Shimel
  130. "Cab driver changing a flat tire in the middle of a rain storm in south St. Louis is joined by a good Samaritan holding an umbrella. The cabbie turns to thank the person who has stopped to help. It is Stan Musial on his way home from the ballpark. Stan expresses his appreciation for the people who help him get around when he is on the road. He saw this as an opportunity to show his appreciation. Stan the Man Musial was one of a kind. God Bless You." - Russ Christian
  131. "I always liked watching him play. My son died and when they built the new stadium I was going to get a brick for him. I missed the first time and when they sold the bricks to go around his statue I was so excited. So now I have my son's brick by my favorite player. My heart goes out to his family." - Connie Pisciotta
  132. "A remarkable man that has been my hero since I first saw him play in 1958. My parents were Tiger fans that moved to Illinois and when I saw Mr. Musial play and heard about him even as a kid I made my parents take the tiger off the uniform they had given me and put the Cardinals on the front with 6 on the back. Baseball has lost one of its greatest players and more importantly one of its greatest citizens. He will be missed." - Bruce Storey
  133. "Stan was my idol as a child. Listening to the Cardinal games was what we always did first on radio and then later on TV. I always felt a thrill when Stan came up to bat. I would argue forever with anyone who praised DiMaggio or Williams- they couldn't hold a candle to Musial as far as I was concerned! He was not only a great ballplayer but a great gentleman as well. May he rest in peacee." - Jan Sanders
  134. "On behalf of the St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame we extend our sympathies on the loss of Stan the Man to his large and loving family. We the fans also feel the deep personal loss of our greatest superstar who filled our lives with so many thrilling moments and gave us the opportunity to witness baseball history. I was privileged like many others to see Stan play in my case for his last 10 seasons in the peak of his magnificent career. Then was honored to know him personally have meals play golf and spend time in his home on several occasions. Those memorable experiences just reinforced the fact that Stan was always the same everyday guy who loved to laugh and showed you the same respect you gave to him. While a broadcaster and writer here one of my fondest memories was a couple of rounds of golf at my club with a foursome of myself Whitey Herzog Jack Buck and Stan. Lunch golf dinner drinks and stories until the Club closed late in the night with the waiters and chefs hovered around the table. Stan your popularity and fame went worldwide so well deserved and it will be never ending. Your playing a new harmonica now and still getting standing ovations. GREG MARECEK President St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame" - Greg Marecek
  135. "In April 1971 the Cards played the Air Force Academy baseball team in Colorado Springs in an exhibition. My Dad was a longtime Cardinals fan (something he passed on to me) and so we went to see them. I met Bob Gibson Jerry Reuss Ted Simmons Lou Brock Julian Javier etc...but as the game started my mom noticed a middle-aged man sitting in front of us charting pitches or something. She told my dad it looked like Stan Musial but my dad said "That COULDN'T be Stan Musial!" The man turned smiled and said "Oh yes it COULD!" My dad and Stan talked Cardinals baseball for 20 minutes and I got the thrill of my life...meeting Stan the Man and getting his autograph. I am so saddened but I thank God for the things Stan did in his life and what he has meant to the greatest team in baseball. There will never be anyone like him again. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. Rest in Peace Stan the Man." - Mark Nelson
  136. "The Man who made Cardinal Fans what they are today! I can only imagine how many people he inspired throughout the years. They broke the mold on you Mr. Musial! Enjoy Heaven!" - Jeff Fairchild
  137. "I am so sad at the news of Mr. Musial's passing.; I use to work for Mr. Musial and his son Dick at the Park Terrace Hilton by St.Louis Airport. My husband's family thought I walked on water because I worked for "Stan The Man" . They are a great family and there will never be another man like him!!!" - Dana Meyer
  138. "It was my privilege and honor to see Stan play when I was much younger. He did so much for St. Louis and baseball and the Cardinals. Not many people come along who are as genuinely nice as Stan. May God bless you and your family and may you rest in peace." - Judy Kohlrus
  139. "I will always remember seeing Stan on opening day and the stories from my grandfather about what a great ballplayer and man he truly was. No one was held with higher respect in St. Louis than he was and it was well deserved. RIP #6 and my prayers are with his friends and family." - Mark Hefley
  140. "I am too young to remember Mr. Musial play but growing up a Cardinal fan I always looked up to him with awe and reverence. I was always excited to see him at the ballpark. He had the greatest respect for the game and knew the responsibility of being the permanent face of Cardinal Nation. He will always be Baseball's Perfect Warrior Baseball's Perfect Knight. We will miss him." - Mark Busche
  141. "I don't care how old you are; if you're a Cards fan you grew up with Stan The Man being a household name. You knew what his name meant to the game and to the team and to the world. His light has not gone out nor can it ever go out because he shared it with millions of people for nearly a century. He helped make this world a better place and that's not something a lot of people can lay claim to. His life rather than his "going home" will be what's remembered . Safe travels friend." - Shannon Delatore
  142. "In 1983 we were at the Otesaga hotel in Cooperstown after the inductions. My brother and I and a couple others were going up and down the elevators looking for autographs. At one point an older lady got in and asked who we were looking for. We told her that we were looking for any ballplayers. She told us to come with her cuz she knew one. We followed her out to a light blue station wagon (if i remember right). She got in the passengers side and said to the guy driving "STAN please sign some autographs for these nice boys" ... WOW we were going to get the autograph of one of the greatest hitters of all time!! It was truly amazing that he took that time for us. He could have easily said that they had to go! What a great a gracious person he was!! RIP Stan .... your truly were "THE MAN"" - John Witt
  143. "I feel I have lost part of my childhood. On my 8th birthday I was in the hospital getting my tonsils out. Our neighbor lady worked at style cleaners in St. Louis hills where Lil Musial would come in. She got Stan to sign a ball "to Danny best wishes Stan Musial. " unforgettable. So lucky to have seen him play." - Danny Meyers
  144. "How great it was as a kid to go to Sportsman's Park and see Stan Musial play. I remember always trying to see The Man's line drive hit the right field screen before I heard crashing sound of the ball rattle that screen. I don't believe I ever was able to turn my head fast enough. Stan Musial was our role model. He was " the perfect knight."" - John Hager
  145. "There are many thoughts running through my head as I write this. Stan was my father's favorite player as well as mine growing up in St. Louis. Stan was a rare player especially as a hitter that just took your breath away even in old timers games where he would hit frozen ropes to right center. There have been three times that I cried when a man died during my life; in 1962 when my dad died last year when my uncle passed away and today when Stan died. I'm sure my father will have a big smile on his face when he greets Stan in heaven. God bless Stan Musial." - John Geiger
  146. "One of the best hitters that I have ever heard or read about the stat that stands out was 1815 hits at home 1815 hits on the road" - robert ewing
  147. "Very sorry to hear about the passing of Stan Musial. A great great player and gentleman. I grew up in New York City not far from Ebbetts Field. Brooklyn fans had a lot of respect for Stan The Man as did all baseball fans. A true original beloved by all real baseball fans. I am sure St. Louis feels lucky to have had him as their own" - Robert Jacobs
  148. "Stan Musial was my idol. I proudly wore #6 on my back as a kids playing ball in my backyard. (My mom used a marker to put the 6 on my jersey because I wouldn't have it any other way.) I was a left-handed outfielder/first baseman (or girl since I played softball) who wanted to be just like Stan Musial. I will never forget the sports banquets at Epiphany Parish where Stan and Red Schoendist came every year to share in our accomplishments. What a thrill for a young athlete to be in the presence of greatness. He was truly THE MAN in every sense of the word - faithful to his family faithful to his Catholic faith faithful to his community a man of honor. His trek around the stadium in the golf cart on opening day always brought tears to my eyes. He will be missed!" - Kathy Pagano
  149. "July 4 1960. I was a very shy very introverted 12 year old. In order to try to break me out of my shell my parents said they would buy me a new glove if I got Stan Musial's autograph. It was a double header that day and I was unable to find Stan until I was stationed by the players' stairs from the clubhouse. Finally he came down the stairs and politely apologized that he could not sign because the second game had started and proceeded to go past us. We were disappointed and I pleaded that I would get a new glove if I got his autograph. He came back and signed for us. I was able to obtain his autograph again on that ball glove in late Nov. 2011. I met him again when he and Red visited Fort Leonard Wood in Jan. 1970." - Rick McCall
  150. "As a boy growing up in Pennsylvania in the 50's I received a biography of Stan the Man as a birthday present. From that time on I developed a very real admiration for him. After my Phils the Cards have always been one of my favorite teams and i always thought that some day I would get to meet Stan and tell him what an impact he had on my love of this game. When my daughter moved to the St. Louis area we had the good fortune to attend the second game in the newest Busch Stadium and marvel at Stan's statue outside. What a giant of a man he was in so many ways. I guess there's now a sweet swinging lefty wearing #6 and playing first on the Field of Dreams." - Frank Green
  151. "No one had that peek of boo batting stance. He was a true hitter and a great gentleman. Great for baseball and the country. I enjoyed seeing himn play." - clint h curry
  152. "As a Cardinal fan all my life I had an opportunity to meet Stan Musial at a baseball card show in Mundelein Il about 20 years ago. I took my 9 yr. old son and when we drove into the parking lot I noticed another arriving car had a passenger that was Stan Musial. I boldly addressed him as Mr. Musial and he seemed taken aback and not too friendly until he saw my son. Then he smiled broadly and asked "Who's that with you there?" I told him my son's name and he leaned over and shook his hand and said he was glad to see him. To me that showed that he understood kids and valued them greatly." - Tom Boyd
  153. "The Man was the first great baseball player that I saw play the game and when I was about ten started to be my boyhood hero. I remember treasuring my autographed picture in those years. We have lost one of the great ones who played in an era that is gone forever in a way but also lives in the memories of those who saw it and as those fans pass it on. He gave to the game and embodies the Cardinals totally. Opening day will never be the same." - Don Phillips
  154. "I remember like it was yesterday attending my first Cardinals' baseball game in old Sportman's Park. I was awed by all that was MLB but was most awed because I was going to see my hero Stan "the Man" Musial play in person. As a child growing up on the east bank of the Mississippi River 120 miles up the river from St. Louis the Cardinals but most importantly Stan Musial was what I lived for. You were one in a million and I will personally miss you!" - Phil Merkel
  155. "He was the only athlete I ever considered to be a hero. Everything Stan touched turned to gold. It's not surprising that the last time I saw Stan in person was before game 6 of the 2011 World Series. It was the greatest game I've ever seen and it began with Stan. He was everything good about the game of baseball. He was everything to Cardinals Fans like me. Not just a man "The Man"." - Matthew Rains
  156. "Although I never got to see him play there is a reason I feel like I have. There is a reason every fan of baseball knows his name. Stan was definitely "the MAN". 24 all-star games 7 batting titles 3 630 hits 475 HRs 1 951 RBIs 725 doubles 6 134 total bases 3 World Series Championships 3 NL MVPs Lou Gehrig Award Presidential Medal of Freedom First ballot HOF WWII Veteran (US Navy) and to me the greatest milestone: over 71 years of marriage to his wonderful wife Lillian. I guess there is a reason we call him "The MAN"! Baseball's perfect Warrior and Knight. Always remember to hit the dry side of a spit ball just like Musial did." - Tyler Berry
  157. "I will NEVER 3 year old son and I were at a card show were I pointed out to him thats the greatest cardinal of all time well him being a 3 year old I turn my head and he runs across autograph lines and all the adults and walks up to him as i turn back and OHH my god see him. He walks up to stan says hi shakes his hand and stan and he talk cardinal baseball What a site!!! what a Man" - jeff vendelboe
  158. "Today I'm wearing my #6 jersey today in honor of Stan The Man Musial. I am forever reminded that in a sport where players come and go from team to team Stan always remained a Cardinal. Always faithful to his team his fans and the City of St. Louis Stan was a beacon who shined brightly upon not only the sport of baseball but upon us all. The #6 jersey is the only one I own and that is because Stan was and always shall be the one and only true Cardinal." - Diana Kelewae
  159. "As a Cubs fan since the age of 5 I remember Stan Musial with nothing but affection and admiration. I don 't know how many times Stan destroyed the Cubs but he always did things fair and square. No more talented gracious and elegant player ever swung the bat." - Frank Mason
  160. "It was an honor to have seen Stan Musial play baseball. I only remember seeing him at the end of his career but what a class guy. You never heard anything bad about Stan only how kind generous and gracious he was. Stan you will always be in our hearts as the greatest Cardinal ever." - Mark Verity
  161. "Stan the Man was my childhood hero in every sense of the word. Not to mention I am a 4th generation Cardinal fan my son the 5th and my grandson the 6th generation. Tears stream down my checks as i write these words. Stan will live in my heart always and forever. R.I.P." - Madison Kelly
  162. "Stan was the reason I became a baseball player. It was the greatest thrill of my life when I was in 4th grade to be selected as a Cardinal in my hometown's Little League. I would pretend to be Stan. Shagging balls all day. He was simply "The Greatest"." - Jeff Harshbarger
  163. "Heaven's team is substantially improved. I had the privilege of meeting Stan on three occasions. In each it was as comfortable as visiting with a neighbor. Genuine sincere thoughtful. I'm proud my son "adopted" Stan as his favorite player. What better model?" - David Garrett