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2/26/2015 | Pirates work on improving all-around baserunning

Clint Hurdle has prioritized improved baserunning in 2015, so the Pirates spent a lot of time on Thursday working on the dirt-ball drill.

2/26/2015 | Cervelli makes strong early impression at camp

The 2015 Pirates could be a star-making vehicle again, with Francisco Cervelli among the candidates for a breakthrough season.

2/26/2015 | McCutchen declares Pirates' outfield baseball's best

Andrew McCutchen believes he is the leader of baseball's best outfield, disagreeing with his buddy, Matt Kemp, who made a case for his trio in San Diego.

2/25/2015 | Hurdle looking to rest McCutchen more this season?

One reason Clint Hurdle is stoked about his reloaded, amped bench is obvious. Any manager loves engaging in baseball's chess match with more pieces on his board. Another reason is more subtle, longer range -- rest for Andrew McCutchen.

2/25/2015 | Nutting: Expectations for Bucs higher in 2015

In making his annual Spring Training address, it has always been Pirates club chairman Bob Nutting's intent and duty to look at the roomful of players through rose-colored glasses, to pump them up enthusiastically for the coming season. To talk a good game, as it were.

2/24/2015 | Pirates unveil new spring clubhouse facilities

The Bucs' Spring Training base since 1969 received a $6.5 million facelift, centered by a plush, spacious locker room area and functional spaces that simply were nonexistent previously.

2/24/2015 | Kang, Mercer take field for first full-squad workout

Under the scrutiny of the eyes and camera lenses of a dozen and a half media members from South Korea, shortstops Jung Ho Kang and Jordy Mercer on Tuesday took Pirate City's Field No. 1 for the team's first full-squad workout.

2/23/2015 | Pirates have set core early on

When Pirates position players "reported" on Monday -- it has already been a full house for days -- they knew exactly to which positions to report. The core of this Pittsburgh team is set, more so than it has been for many years.

2/23/2015 | Pirates announce PNC Park improvements for 2015

The Pirates announced four new areas for fans to congregate and toast the action on the field, without having to miss a single play. Three of the enhancements will be accessible to fans in general seating areas. Additionally, a 1,600-square-foot meeting center is being added to the park's administration building.

2/22/2015 | Hurdle sees rest of roster hungry to join pitchers, catchers

Position players are about to hit the mainstream -- after one more down day, for the requisite physicals -- and Pirates manager Clint Hurdle can virtually hear them champing at the bits.

2/22/2015 | Taillon sees light at the end of Tommy John rehab tunnel

When time came for the all-important PFP (pitchers fielding practice), Jameson Taillon jumped in with his Group C brethren. Otherwise, he was an outsider on Sunday. While the others were throwing in the bullpen, Taillon was recovering from Tommy John surgery. The righty has been doing that since April 10, the day after his elbow ligament replacement operation. And on Day 319 of the recovery, he beamed over the progress he has made and how he felt.

2/22/2015 | Not big on utility, Harrison earns top billing at third

During Josh Harrison's first three nomadic seasons, as he went about changing positions more often than a yoga instructor, Pirates manager Clint Hurdle went out of his way to compliment him with comparisons to notably versatile predecessors. If the skipper, who was only trying to make nice, only knew how much the characterization chafed Harrison.

2/21/2015 | Kang has talent, but time will dictate his place with Bucs

Jung Ho Kang could make a major impact with the Pittsburgh Pirates. But for the moment, let's look at the individual and wait at least until the exhibition games before the legend is created.

2/21/2015 | Hurdle excited to see Hart step into box for Pirates

On Corey Hart's first day in the Pirates' Spring Training camp, manager Clint Hurdle saw him at his best position -- legs slightly spread, arms belt-high, in the batter's box.

2/21/2015 | Hurdle pleased with latest pace-of-game rules

Following his overnight review of the pace-of-game rules announced Friday, Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said they will go a long way toward "streamlining the pace of games, something we all need to be aware of."

2/21/2015 | Mercer welcomes competition with Kang at short

Jordy Mercer, turns out, has become a household name in South Korea. Just how big the 28-year-old Okie is on the other side of the world became apparent when he was approached by a Korean camera crew Saturday morning and asked to say hello to his new friends.

2/20/2015 | Bucs get lefty prospect Brault to complete Snider deal

The Bucs' deal of outfielder Travis Snider to Baltimore was completed on Friday, when they acquired left-hander Steven Brault from the Orioles as the player to be named in the Jan. 27 trade.

2/20/2015 | Cervelli hungry to learn all he can for everyday gig

As Francisco Cervelli was getting dressed to leave Pirate City early Friday afternoon, infielder Jung Ho Kang was on his way out of the clubhouse. Cervelli stopped Jae Han, Kang's interpreter, and asked how to say "See you tomorrow" in Korean. He gave it a few tries and eventually got it right, or came close enough, as Kang smiled and repeated the words back at Cervelli.

2/20/2015 | Cole's grounded attitude on display as camp begins

Friday morning was a good time to be around Gerrit Cole. For Florida, it was cold, but the competitive fire that always smolders within Cole could warm up people who crossed his path. A year-and-a-half, 41 starts, 21 wins and two instructive injuries into his Major League career, Cole is a different person in his third big-league camp. The (Spring) Training wheels are off. Before, he had to be a sponge, listening to everything and watching everyone. Now he is watched by others.

2/20/2015 | Harrison not worried about new pace-of-game rules

Josh Harrison is confident he will be able to adapt to the new Major League Baseball pace-of-game rules without any side trips to a habit-breaking clinic. In particular, the rule mandating that batters keep at least one foot in the box throughout at-bats, one of the pace-of-game enforcements announced Friday, has direct bearing on Pittsburgh's third baseman.

2/18/2015 | Recharged Polanco ready for breakout season

The Pirates made it clear this offseason that the everyday right-field job belongs to Gregory Polanco, even after a mostly disappointing debut.

2/18/2015 | Kang hopes to succeed for Bucs, Korean baseball

The Pirates will spend most of this spring trying to figure out exactly what they have in Jung Ho Kang. Pirates fans likely will do the same, watching their new infielder closely throughout Spring Training.

2/17/2015 | Can Alvarez handle first base? Three questions facing Bucs

Spring's muse is tuning up the siren song of baseball, which on Wednesday will waft over the the bridges and hills of Pittsburgh. Nine hundred miles south -- and 50 degrees "north" -- the Bucs will hit the open fields of Pirate City in search of their destiny. So we're about to get the seductive answer to winter's spellbinding question, "When do the Pirates hit the fields?" But other questions remain.

2/17/2015 | Fifth starter, 'pen roles to be determined at Bucs camp

The Pirates' 2015 picture is far more in focus than it has been at the onset of recent Spring Trainings. Manager Clint Hurdle and staff will be able to concentrate on tricking out a set core in all three key areas. There are jobs to be won, principal among them No. 5 starter and a couple of seats in the bullpen, and decisions to be made.

2/16/2015 | Bucs ready to embark on journey for National League gold

They raised the Jolly Roger 182 times the last two seasons, the fifth-most wins in the Majors during that span. Expectations have risen along with that booty. So the Bucs will soon encamp in Pirate City bent on unfurling that other flag, a National League pennant.

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