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9/4/2013 9:35 A.M. ET

Mastroianni's belt breaks on leaping catch

Twins reliever Roenicke gives his to teammate through fence at Minute Maid Park

Darin Mastroianni came up with one thing after making a diving catch on Tuesday night, but was down another.

The Twins left fielder made a sprawling leap for a long drive by Astros second baseman Jose Altuve in the bottom of the fourth inning at Minute Maid Park, but reliever Josh Roenicke's services were needed in a pinch when Mastroianni's belt snapped during the play.

"I was on the ground and all of a sudden realized my belt was broken in half," Mastroianni said. "So I handed it to Roenicke, he gave me his and made a quick change."

With Mastroianni on the left-field warning track and the visitors bullpen behind him, Roenicke was able to offer his teammate some relief. He fed the replacement belt through the fence for a quick wardrobe change.

"We didn't have much time so I had to get it on and off quickly," Mastroianni said. "I left my belt in Minnesota so I just had to put an old belt on here. It just wasn't ready to go, I guess, and snapped on me and had to make a quick change."

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