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02/27/12 3:30 PM EST

Revere turns to football to increase arm strength

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Twins left fielder Ben Revere worked hard this offseason to improve his arm strength and said it's paid off so far.

Revere said one of the keys was adding a new wrinkle to his offseason training, as he started throwing footballs long distance.

"It helped my arm strength a lot," Revere said. "It's helped me out because it helps me put some backspin on the ball. Hopefully, I'll have an Ichiro arm."

So while Revere's arm won't get mistaken for Ichiro's anytime soon, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said he has noticed a difference.

"His throwing has been getting better," Gardenhire said. "The ball is coming out of his hand. He's working a lot in left field this spring. He's making sure to throw to the right cutoff man with all the angles to the ball. He'll get that in games a lot more than those workouts. He's a pretty good little player who can do some things. We'll see how he handles himself this spring."

Gardenhire eager to assess Willingham in right

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said he likes what he's been seeing from outfielder Josh Willingham and wants to see how he handles the transition to right field once Grapefruit League play begins on Saturday.

Willingham has been taking fly balls along with the other outfielders in camp, but hasn't played in right field in any game action.

Willingham, 33, has played 693 career games in the outfield, but only 35 of those games in right field.

"He's with the outfielders every day doing drills," Gardenhire said. "We'll get him out there once the games start. We have a long ways to go. We won't know much by drills. We'll know more by games and how the ball is coming off the bat."

Gardenhire said that if Willingham can't make the switch to right field, he could make adjustments with center fielder Denard Span or left fielder Ben Revere.

"I know Ben Revere can move over to the other side in a heartbeat," Gardenhire said. "Span could move over there. We have guys willing to do whatever it takes to win. That's what we are going to do. We're going to try to figure this out in Spring Training. We're going to start out this way and if it looks like it's working OK and he's getting used to that, he'll be out in right field. But if it looks like he's not comfortable in right field, I know the other guys can do it for a fact."

Twins prepping for simulated action later this week

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Twins are holding a review of everything they've worked on so far during camp on Tuesday.

The Twins, who play in their first "B" game with the Red Sox on Thursday, are also expected to hold a simulated game on Wednesday.

"We'll have a couple of pitchers on each side throwing and then sitting them down for five minutes," Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said. "We're going to put baserunners out there and play some defense and simulate. That's one of the things we're gonna do. We're gonna work on some cutoffs and relays. We're gonna work on pickoff plays. All the stuff I want to keep touching on. All the fundamentals, we'll be rehashing."

The Twins held their ninth official day of workouts on Monday, as pitchers threw live batting practice to hitters for the fourth straight day.

Pitchers also worked on their pickoff moves, while the infielders took grounders and worked on rundowns. Outfielders caught fly balls while also working on their relay throws.

Gardenhire said he'll make an announcement on Tuesday on who will be pitching in Thursday's "B" game at Hammond Stadium.

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