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11/07/11 1:15 PM EST

Twins standouts honored for 2011 success

MINNEAPOLIS -- Michael Cuddyer was named Twins' Performer of the Year, Scott Baker was named Twins' Pitcher of the Year and Glen Perkins was named Twins' Breakout Player of the Year, as selected by MLB.com.

Cuddyer, 32, hit .284 with a .346 on-base percentage and .459 slugging percentage in 139 games. He also led the team with 20 homers, 29 doubles and 70 runs while finishing second to Danny Valencia in RBIs, with 70.

Cuddyer, who is currently a free agent, was named an All-Star for the first time in his career and was the club's lone representative at the Midsummer Classic. Cuddyer also showed his versatility by seeing time in right field, first base and second base, and even threw a scoreless inning in relief against the Rangers on July 25.

Baker, meanwhile, led Twins starters in ERA (3.14), strikeouts (123), and WHIP (1.17). The right-hander tossed 134 2/3 innings, allowing 32 walks and 15 home runs in 23 appearances (21 starts).

Team Awards 2011

The 30-year-old was on pace for a career year before being placed on the disabled list twice with a muscle strain related to his right forearm and elbow. He was originally placed on the DL on Aug. 9 (retroactive to July 7) with a right elbow strain. He made two appearances out of the bullpen in late September, tossing three scoreless innings as a reliever.

But it was Perkins who was Minnesota's most valuable reliever during the season, as he bounced back from his struggles in 2010 to earn the honor of being the club's Breakthrough Player of the Year.

A year after posting a 5.82 ERA in 21 1/3 innings with the Twins and a 5.81 ERA in 124 innings with Triple-A Rochester in 2010, Perkins established himself as a top left-handed reliever this year. Perkins posted a 2.48 ERA with 65 strikeouts and 21 walks in 61 2/3 innings while picking up four wins and two saves in 65 appearances.

National Awards
MVP Cy Young Rookie of the Year
Zoilo Versalles1965Jim Perry1970Tony Oliva1964
Harmon Killebrew1969Frank Viola1988Rod Carew1967
Rod Carew1977Johan Santana2004John Castino1979
Justin Morneau2006Johan Santana2006Chuck Knoblauch1991
Joe Mauer2009Marty Cordova1995
Manager of the Year World Series MVP ALCS MVP
Tom Kelly1991Frank Viola1987Gary Gaetti1987
Ron Gardenhire2010Jack Morris1991Kirby Puckett1991
All-Star Game MVP Outstanding Designated Hitter
Kirby Puckett1993Chili Davis1991
Paul Molitor1996
Rawlings Gold Glove Silver Slugger
Earl Battey, C1961Kirby Puckett, OF1986
Earl Battey, C1962Kirby Puckett, OF1987
Jim Kaat, P1962Kirby Puckett, OF1988
Vic Power, 1B1962Kirby Puckett, OF1989
Vic Power, 1B1963Kirby Puckett, OF1992
Zoilo Versalles, SS1963Chuck Knoblauch, 2B1995
Jim Kaat, P1963Paul Molitor, DH1996
Jim Kaat, P1964Chuck Knoblauch, 2B1997
Jim Kaat, P1965Joe Mauer, C2006
Zoilo Versalles, SS1965Justin Morneau, 1B2006
Jim Kaat, P1966Justin Morneau, 1B2008
Tony Oliva, OF1966Joe Mauer, C2008
Jim Kaat, P1967Joe Mauer, C2009
Jim Kaat, P1968Joe Mauer, C2010
Jim Kaat, P1969
Jim Kaat, P1970
Jim Kaat, P1971
Jim Kaat, P1972
Gary Gaetti, 3B1986
Kirby Puckett, OF1986
Gary Gaetti, 3B1987
Kirby Puckett, OF1987
Gary Gaetti, 3B1988
Kirby Puckett, OF1988
Gary Gaetti, 3B1989
Kirby Puckett, OF1989
Kirby Puckett, OF1991
Kirby Puckett, OF1992
Chuck Knoblauch, 2B1997
Doug Mientkiewicz, 1B2001
Torii Hunter, OF2001
Torii Hunter, OF2002
Torii Hunter, OF2003
Torii Hunter, OF2004
Torii Hunter, OF2005
Torii Hunter, OF2006
Torii Hunter, OF2007
Johan Santana, P2007
Joe Mauer, C2008
Joe Mauer, C2009
Joe Mauer, C2010
Local Awards
Most Valuable Twin Twins' Outstanding Rookie Twins' Pitcher of the Year
Harmon Killebrew1961, '66-67, '69-70Bernie Allen1962Camilo Pascual1962
Vic Power1962Jimmie Hall1963Bill Dailey1963
Earl Battey1963Tony Oliva1964Al Worthington1964
Tony Oliva1964Sandy Valdespino1965Jim Grant1965
Zoilo Versalles1965Cesar Tovar1966Jim Kaat1966
Cesar Tovar1968Rod Carew1967Dean Chance1967
Leo Cardenas1971Ron Clark1968Dean Chance1968
Rod Carew1972-77George Mitterwald1969Jim Perry1969
Roy Smalley1978-79Bert Blyleven1970Jim Perry1970
John Castino1980, '83Steve Braun1971Bert Blyleven1971
Doug Corbett1981Bob Darwin1972Jim Kaat1972
Gary Ward1982Jerry Terrell1973Bert Blyleven1973
Kent Hrbek1984Craig Kusick1974Bill Campbell1974
Kirby Puckett1985-86, '88-89, '92, '94Dan Ford1975Jim Hughes1975
Jeff Reardon1987Butch Wynegar1976Bill Campbell1976
Brian Harper1990, '93Paul Thormodsgard1977Dave Goltz1977
Jack Morris1991Roger Erickson1978Mike Marshall1978
Chuck Knoblauch1995-96John Castino1979Jerry Koosman1979
Brad Radke1997, '99Doug Corbett1980Doug Korbett1980
Matt Lawton1998, 2000Dave Engle1981Doug Korbett1981
Doug Mientkiewicz2001Kent Hrebek1982Bobby Castillo1982
Torii Hunter2002, '07Darrell Brown1983Ken Schrom1983
Shannon Stewart2003Kirby Puckett1984Frank Viola1984
Johan Santana2004, '05Mark Salas1985Ron Davis1985
Justin Morneau2006, '08Steve Lombardozzi1986Bert Blyleven1986
Joe Mauer2010Les Straker1987Frank Viola1987
Michael Cuddyer2011None awarded1988Frank Viola1988
Gary Wayne1989Allan Anderson1989
Kevin Tapani1990Rick Aguilera1990
Chuck Knoblauch1991Jack Morris1991
Mike Tombley1992John Smiley1992r
Pat Meares1993Rick Aguilera1993
Matt Walbeck1994Kevin Tapani1994
Marty Cordova1995Brad Radke1995
Ron Coomer1996Frank Rodriguez1996
None awarded1997Brad Radke1997
Eric Milton1998Mike Trombley1998
Cristian Guzman1999Brad Radke1999
Mark Redman2000Eric Milton2000
Luis Rivas2001Joe Mays2001
Bobby Kielty2002Eddie Guardado2002
Lew Ford2003Johan Santana2003
Joe Mauer2004Johan Santana2004
Jesse Crain2005Johan Santana2005
Francisco Liriano2006Johan Santana2006
Matt Garza2007Johan Santana2007
Denard Span2008Joe Nathan2008
Jose Mijares2009Joe Nathan2009
Danny Valencia2010Carl Pavano2010
Ben Revere2011Glen Perkins2011
Most Improved Twin Upper Midwest Player of Year Leadership Award
Lee Strange1963Dick Stigman1962Mike Redmond2005
Jim Kaat1964John Blanchard1963Brad Radke2006
Don Mincher1965Bob Johnson1964Mike Redmond2007
Jim Kaat1966Jerry Kindall1965Justin Morneau2008
Ted Uhlaender1967Rick Reichardt1966Michael Cuddyer2009
Ted Uhlaender1968Lee Strange1967Michael Cuddyer2010
Rod Carew1969Jerry Koosman1968Michael Cuddyer2011
Cesar Tovar1970Jerry Koosman1969
Cesar Tovar1971Jerry Koosman1970
Danny Thompson1972Dick Green1971
Jim Holt1973Denis Menke1972
Glenn Borgmann1974John Hiller1973
Phil Roof1975Dave Winfield1974
Lyman Bostock1976Dave Goltz1975
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Rob Wilfong1979Paul Molitor1978
John Castino1980Dave Winfield1979
Sal Butera1981Paul Molitor, Jack Morris1980
Gary Ward1982Jack Morris1981
Mickey Hatcher1983Paul Molitor1982
Frank Viola1984Mike Boddicker1983
Ron Davis1985Kent Hrbek1984
Gary Gaetti1986Dave Winfield1985
Greg Gagne1987Jack Morris1986
Allan Anderson1988Paul Molitor1987
Brian Harper1989Dave Winfield1988
Mark Guthrie1990Terry Steinbach1989
Shane Mack1991Mike Boddicker1990
Mark Guthrie1992Jack Morris1991
Larry Casian1993Dave Winfield1992
Chuck Knoblauch1994Paul Molitor1993
Pedro Munoz1995Paul Molitor1994
Rich Becker1996Dan Wilson1995
Brad Radke1997Paul Molitor1996
Todd Walker1998Denny Neagle1997
Eric Milton1999Rick Helling1998
Cristian Guzman2000Rick Helling1999
Joe Mays2001Darin Erstad2000
LaTroy Hawkins2002Aaron Sele2001
Johan Santana2003Jarrod Washburn2002
Juan Rincon2004Jim Brower2003
Carlos Silva2005Keith Foulke2004
Michael Cuddyer2006Travis Hafner2005
Carlos Silva2007Joe Mauer2006
Alexi Casilla2008Pat Neshek2007
Michael Cuddyer2009Joe Mauer2008
Delmon Young2010Joe Mauer2009
Glen Perkins2011Joe Mauer2010
Jeremy Hellickson2011
Media Good Guy Award
Torii Hunter2006
Torii Hunter2007
Joe Nathan2008
Denard Span2009
Michael Cuddyer2010
Michael Cuddyer2011

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