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07/20/10 4:55 PM ET

Cuddyer chats with Twins Territory members

Moderator: Hey everybody. Michael Cuddyer is here ... so here we go.

alm81: What was it like to hit for the cycle last year? How did it feel to accomplish such a rare feat?

Michael Cuddyer: Definitely something I never thought I'd accomplish. To get it all in the same game ... lots of things have to go right. And to do it on a broken bat triple down the left field line is not how I expected it to end.

Ava: What's your favorite city to play in besides Minneapolis?

Michael Cuddyer: Hand down Chicago. Everything form the city to the food to the shopping and I love playing in US Cellular field. Great field to hit and over the last 5-6 years, the atmosphere has been pretty amazing.

alexander: Being in Minnesota, and teammates with Canadians, have you been roped into liking hockey? If so, what's your favorite team?

Michael Cuddyer: Not so much. When the Wild make the playoffs, I follow them. I watched a little bit of the Olympics. But for the most part, not growing up playing hockey, I don't really follow it all that much.

Dylan: What do you think of Target Field?

Michael Cuddyer: I think it's beautiful. I think they did a great job with everything from the fan's perspective to our perspective. And from what I understand they took a lot of input from the media for the pressbox and from the umpires for the umpire room. So it's a great place to play, watch a game ... just a fun place to be.

alexander: What's the best aspect of the new park?

Michael Cuddyer: Probably our amenities. I know it's something that our fans don't get to see. But coming from the Dome where it's basically just a locker room to here where there is a CLUBHOUSE, it makes you feel at home.

Michael Cuddyer: The training facilities are awesome ... I try not to go in there too much.

jzullo: Have you seen Inception yet? If so, thoughts?

Michael Cuddyer: I have not. I'm a big movie buff but with our travel schedule and playing every day, it makes it tough. Ever since my wife Claudia and I had our 2 yo son Casey, movies have been few and far between. Although I did see Cyrus w/ John C. Reilly over the break and I would highly recommend it.

alm81: Which pitcher(s) do you dread facing?

Michael Cuddyer: I don't dread facing anybody because then I feel like I'm already beat. But I would say Fausto Carmona the Indians is not a very comfortable at bat for me.

josh_frost: What's T.C. really like? As cuddly as he seems?

Michael Cuddyer: Every bit as cuddly as he seems. Sometimes when we're in a slump, he'll come up and give us a big hug.

josh_frost: Is it true you are a magician? What kind of magic tricks can you do?

Michael Cuddyer: Amateur magician. I mainly stick to card tricks.

jzullo: What are your thoughts on Jared Allen cutting his mullet?

Michael Cuddyer: He's too big and sac's QBs for a living. He can do whatever he wants with his hair.

alm81: Do you hope to spend your whole career playing for the Twins?

Michael Cuddyer: Without a doubt. There's nowhere else I'd rather be.

josh_frost: What has it been like to be with the Twins your entire professional career?

Michael Cuddyer: It's very gratifying. The Twins have done so much for me and for my family. They've taught me basically how to be a professional in every sense of the word ... both on and off the field.

jzullo: Who is your favorite teammate to share a room with on the road?

Michael Cuddyer: Fortunately for the other guys on the team, we don't have roommates.

jmgtwin: What do you do to calm down after a game? Is there a difference if we win or lose?

Michael Cuddyer: Obviously baseball is really emotional and every game is different. After every game when we're home I see my wife and son and immediately whatever happened in the game, good or bad, is left behind.

alexander: Who really did let the dogs out?

Michael Cuddyer: O Dog I guess.

jack: What's your favorite local restaurant?

Michael Cuddyer: Murray's, Benihana, Capital Grille.

xntrick: What is your favorite thing about baseball?

Michael Cuddyer: Good question. Competing. Just being out on the field, putting on a uniform. Sights, sounds, pretty much everything that is involved.

mike4578: After being such a great high school athlete what made you choose baseball?

Michael Cuddyer: Ever since I was little, baseball was always my favorite and my passion. I love every other sport and have played every other sport but something about baseball drew me toward it.

xntrick: Do you think that it's easier to play outfield than infield?

Michael Cuddyer: Depends. If I've been playing infield for 2-3 weeks in a row, it's more difficult to move into the outfield and vice versa.

frank: Besides Joe Mauer, who is the biggest ladies man on the team?

Michael Cuddyer: Is Joe Mauer a ladies man?

xntrick: Who is your favorite old baseball star?

Michael Cuddyer: Don Mattingly was my favorite not only for the way he played the game but the way he handled himself and carried himself away from the game.

mike4578: Did you really cut Johan in half?

Michael Cuddyer: Maybe his wallet so I could steal the other half.

ethan: Do you think the Twins will make the playoffs this year?

Michael Cuddyer: Of course!

jzullo: Do you and Joe Mauer compare Gatorade Player of the Year trophies?

Michael Cuddyer: No comparison because his is bigger and he got two of them.

jmgtwin: Do you and your family live in Minnesota during the off season as well?

Michael Cuddyer: No. We talked about it but I don't think we could handle the cold. We live in Virginia and Ft. Myers.

jzullo: If you could play for any OTHER team in any sport, which one would it be?

Michael Cuddyer: I'd play football for the Dallas Cowboys.

alexander: Do you feel you lost any home field advantage moving from the sound and white roof of the dome to what is, admittedly, a beautiful but more traditional ballpark?

Michael Cuddyer: Not at all. In my opinion, home field advantage is sleeping in your own bed, having your family around and having 40,000 people every single night cheering you on. We have all of that here.

jmgtwin: If you hadn't been a professional baseball player, what would you have done for a career?

Michael Cuddyer: Good question and one that I've waivered on a lot. Everything from a physical therapist to a guidance counselor.

mike4578: Do you think the Twins should look into picking up T.O.?

Michael Cuddyer: Yes. For clubhouse chemistry.

mike4578: What away stadium has the best twins fans turnout?

Michael Cuddyer: There are so many. KC is always a great turnout. Milwaukee and pretty much every year in interleague, there are a lot of Twins fans in the park.

alexander: You were born in Virginia but you're a Cowboys fan? Are you allowed back in the state?

Michael Cuddyer: 2nd highest population of Cowboys fans are in Virginia. One reason - we hate the Redskins.

tom: Can you pull a rabbit out of your hat?

Michael Cuddyer: Not so much.

patty929: How much does the fan base affect how you play? I love that you greet the people sitting near the position that you are playing for that day.

Michael Cuddyer: It definitely affects the way you play. You always try to do well, but knowing you have a full crowd behind you it makes you want to succeed that much more.

caiden4: Are you ever afraid of the ball after you get hit?

Michael Cuddyer: No. I learned at a young age that you have to get right back in there.

patty929: Hi Michael. I really appreciate the chance to chat with you. I'm a huge fan of the Twins and have been fortunate to have attended 20 games already this season. I appreciate the role that you have on the team and the attitude that you have to being put out there.

Michael Cuddyer: I really appreciate that. Thank you. Hopefully you'll continue to come out and support us.

xntrick: How much longer do you think you'll be playing baseball?

Michael Cuddyer: I'm not sure. I don't like to put a timetable on it. Because if you come to that and you still feel like you can play, you become Brett Favre.

funcomesfirst: Do you have a specific pre-game routine that you follow? Are you superstitious?

Michael Cuddyer: Not too much.

alexander: If the Brewers have a sausage race, and the Nationals have a Presidents race, what should the Twins have?

Michael Cuddyer: I think they should have a moat around the warning track and have a walleye race.

mike4578: Are there any fans that have either made you upset on the field or made an impression on you?

Michael Cuddyer: No one in particular. But when you're on the road you have to have thick skin to say the least.

caiden4: What do you do after the game?

Michael Cuddyer: Spend time with my family.

cherry3: Which do you prefer playing - infield or outfield?

Michael Cuddyer: Doesn't matter to me. Whichever position Gardy needs me in that day.

jzullo: Can the Twins keep up with the bigger market teams in the long run, or will they continually trade rising stars instead of paying them more?

Michael Cuddyer: I think as you've seen over the last 2 years, we're doing great thing in trying to retain the stars we have and bringing in other pieces that will help us win.

anig: Which base do you prefer playing - first or third?

Michael Cuddyer: Again, doesn't matter. Wherever Gardy needs me. But probably third because that means Morneau is in the lineup.

xntrick: What is your favorite desert?

Michael Cuddyer: Ice cream or Sahara. Ha, ha.

caiden4: What do you do in the dugout?

Michael Cuddyer: Watch a baseball game.

funcomesfirst: Which of the Twins jerseys do you like the best (home or away)?

Michael Cuddyer: Our cream throwbacks that we wear at home on Saturdays.

mike4578: What player would you like to see the Twins go out and trade for before the deadline? and which one would you most like us to trade away?

Michael Cuddyer: I believe in everybody we have in this clubhouse right now and trust the fact that if our front office does make a move, that player is going to help us in the pennant race.

xntrick: What is your favorite activity to do when your not playing baseball?

Michael Cuddyer: Whatever my son wants to do. Usually it's throwing or hitting a ball.

xntrick: What is your favorite amusement park?

Michael Cuddyer: Because my son is only 2, he's really not up to that level yet, but we like to go to the zoo.

John: If TC can't give you hugs when you're not doing well, you think you could get one from Gardenhire?

Michael Cuddyer: Sometimes he needs one more than we do.

mesa3co: We always see you (and the other guys too) chatting with the infielders when you get on base, what are you guys talking about?

Michael Cuddyer: Mainly just small talk. How's it going, how you feeling. Hopefully by the time those questions are answered, you're on the next base.

caiden4: Do you get frustrated when you're losing by a lot or on a losing streak?

Michael Cuddyer: Yeah. Nobody likes losing ... doesn't matter if you lose by 10 or by 1. But you have to understand that over 162 games, you're going to lose some.

caiden4: What do you like better Target Field or The Metrodoome?

Michael Cuddyer: Target Field although I do have a lot of fond memories of the Metrodome.

patty929: What is you favorite thing about being a Minnesota Twin, on the field and off of the field?

Michael Cuddyer: On the field, the way we win, the way we play the game. I'm proud to say I grew up in this system. Off the field, the commitment to family and community.

mlbcmk: What community events are you involved with?

Michael Cuddyer: My wife Claudia and I have a celebrity waiter event on Aug. 15 at Capitol Grille with proceeds benefiting Boys and Girls Club. You can call Capitol Grille for information. I'm on the Board of Directors for the Twins Community Fund. My wife is on the Board for Cheerful Givers which provide birthday bags for families that can't afford presents, among other thing.

caiden4: What's your next favorite team besides the Twins?

Michael Cuddyer: Rochester Red Wings.

xntrick: Do you have any pets if so what breed is it?

Michael Cuddyer: No. We'd love to have a dog but it's so hard when you're in so many different places.

jmgtwin: Do the players get together to do other activities outside of baseball and fundraising? Or is most of that time saved for families?

Michael Cuddyer: Sometimes we'll go out to dinner or our families will get together and have a cookout. Birthday parties.

mike4578: Do you think you could hit a ball farther then Delmon?

Michael Cuddyer: I think we can both hit it pretty far.

caiden4: Do you ever get bored in the outfield?

Michael Cuddyer: When our pitcher are doing there job, yes.

anig: Do you have any specific plans on what you'll do after you've finished playing baseball?

Michael Cuddyer: I don't. Baseball is what I'm doing right now and I put all of my thoughts and energy into that.

funcomesfirst: How did you get involved with Boys & Girls Club? I think it's great that you & your wife support the organization!

Michael Cuddyer: It's something that I've always though every kid deserves and opportunity. I was very fortunate to grow up and have opportunities presented to me and I know not every child has that. So I wanted to get involved with an organization that does provide those opportunities.

xntrick: Who do think is the best baseball player ever?

Michael Cuddyer: It'd be hard to pick just one with the great tradition that this game has.

janeking: What do you think of Thome making the top 10 homerun list?

Michael Cuddyer: I think it's an unbelievable feat. I can't even fathom having my name among those players.

jmgtwin: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in a baseball game?

Michael Cuddyer: 2002 ALDS game 3 @ home vs. A's. Running on the field in the first inning, I tripped around second base heading out to right field and fell flat on my face in front of 58,000 people.

Aaron: Do you think Justin Morneau looks like Matt Damon?

Michael Cuddyer: Not in the slightest.

mike4578: If you got traded to the Yankees would retirement cross your mind?

Michael Cuddyer: No beacuase I still love this game but I would sorely miss Minnesota.

caiden4: What do you like to do in the off season?

Michael Cuddyer: Hang our with my family and catch up on all of my pointless TV shows. Get ready for the next season.

patty929: Does your family get to go on the road with you very often?

Michael Cuddyer: Every once in a while, not too often. It's hard keeping a 2 yo cooped up in a hotel room.

jmgtwin: Which players make you laugh the most often?

Michael Cuddyer: Delmon's probably the funniest, most quick-witted guy on the team.

xntrick: Do you think that Morneau will reach the top 10 list?

Michael Cuddyer: Too early to speculate something like that.

funcomesfirst: Do you have a favorite Metrodome memory?

Michael Cuddyer: Before 2009, I didn't think the ending of the 2006 season could be topped. But after game 163 in 2009, that would be my favorite.

mturbs6: What has been your favorite stadium to play in?

Michael Cuddyer: I love playing at Fenway.

jmgtwin: Are players expected to be at the games if they are on the DL?

ichael Cuddyer: To an extent I think teammates expect their teammates to be there. But there are always extenuating circumstances.

Eric: Aside from the money and the fame, what's the best part about being a professional athlete?

Michael Cuddyer: Being able to do something I dreamed of ever since I was a little kid ... and something that I love, which I would put ahead of the money and the fame.

patty929: The Twins seem like a very close group of guys that get along well. Is it hard to keep that chemistry or are you guys just blessed and it comes naturally?

Michael Cuddyer: That definitely comes from the front office, bringing in players they know will mesh well. That's something they've done ever since I've been a Twin.

anig: Do you have a hobby?

Michael Cuddyer: All sport really.

janeking: Good luck with the rest of the season. We'll be at the games in Tampa Bay this August with a huge sign that says We Love Minnesota Boys with your names on it. See if you can spot us!

Michael Cuddyer: Thank you. I'll keep a lookout!

funcomesfirst: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Good Luck tonight!!

Michael Cuddyer: Thank you guys for hanging out with me for a while. Go Twins!

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