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12/28/09 6:38 PM EST

Moving day an exciting time for Twins

Club employees settling in at new home within Target Field

By the time the sun sets on Wednesday night in the Twin Cities, the Twins' tenure at the Metrodome will have officially come to an end.

Twins employees have spent the past few weeks packing up their offices for the move to Target Field, and Tuesday was the final day.

Trucks are scheduled to move furniture on Tuesday and move other packed materials, including boxes and totes, on Wednesday to officially complete the club's move to Target Field. It's a move that's been long awaited and anticipated, but one that's expected to be a little bittersweet for employees, some of whom have called the Dome their home for the past 28 years.

"I think it's monumental," Twins president Dave St. Peter said of the move. "It marks, in some ways, symbolically, the end of an era -- the Metrodome era -- and the end of the march toward a new ballpark, which certainly started 12, 13 years ago. Most importantly, it commences the start of a new era at Target Field.

"It's a chaotic time for our franchise in terms of getting ready for Opening Day. But nobody is complaining. It's a pretty exciting time. I'm sure Wednesday will be emotional for some, but the most dominant emotion will be excitement."

While there is still some work to be done at Target Field before the Twins host two exhibition games against the Cardinals on April 2-3, the club's administrative offices are complete and ready for the move.

The Twins will officially begin operating in their new offices at Target Field on Monday, Jan. 4, although employees will be allowed into the building next week during the holiday break to unpack and settle in to their new space.

Saying goodbye to their home at 34 Kirby Puckett Place to move to the other end of downtown means a few changes for the club, including a new address and new phone numbers for the Twins staff. The club's new address will be 1 Twins Way, Minneapolis, MN, 55403. St. Peter said that while individual phone numbers have changed, the main number for Twins fans to call (612-33-TWINS or 1-800-33-TWINS) will remain the same.

It's a big process to move an entire organization, even if it's just across town, but the Twins aren't taking everything with them. The club held a moving sale back in November to help clean out some of the items it had accumulated over the years. The team also had employees purge many things that they felt weren't necessary to transition in the move.

"We have a number of pack rats," St. Peter said. "But we've been on this for a long time. It's not a surprise. We knew this was coming, so we tried to process this certainly over the course of the year and help to ease it with the moving sale and things of that nature."

The hope is for the Twins to get a fresh start at the place that they can now truly call their home. And unlike their long tenure at the Dome, this is a home they won't have to share.

"It's a big transition," said Twins director of public affairs Kevin Smith. "It's not that big of a transition for us, because we know our new address and our phone numbers. We'll be fine. We know where we park and where streets are. The transition is really about our fans and the people who touch the Twins. Now the work begins on transitioning our fans and our customers into a great environment called Target Field."

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