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06/30/06 8:00 PM ET

Web site developed for Twins' ballpark

Fans have ability to make suggestions for new park

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Twins thought a new ballpark deserved a new Web site.

In an effort to keep fans constantly up to date with the new ballpark's progress, the club announced the launch of its new site, www.twinsbaseball.com/newballpark, which will be the home of news, photos and videos as the Twins look toward moving into their new home in 2010.

"My goal is to find various ballpark stuff every step of the way and to give fans an insider's view of ballpark issues, design and construction," Twins president Dave St. Peter said.

Once the new stadium bill passed through the legislature in May, the Twins began tinkering with revamping the Web site.

"This is something that we've all been waiting for for a long time, and the fans have really helped us through this," said Andrea Larson, Twins manager of corporate communication. "We really wanted to show them that their thoughts and ideas matter. They've obviously had 10 years to think about it, too, and we wanted to involve them as much as they can in the process."

During the past week, the ballpark site has received 23,000 visits. In about 48 hours after the club announced the new feedback section in a press release, the Twins had already received 350 suggestions, Larson said.

The suggestions are compiled in a weekly report and forwarded to St. Peter to review.

St. Peter said his overall impression of the suggestions he's read thus far has been outstanding.

"It's wonderful," he said. "There's so much passion out there for this project. People are engaged with it."

The ballpark site also includes archived news stories and features, a blog authored by St. Peter, artist renderings, a virtual tour and ballpark facts and figures. Once construction begins, the Twins will update the progress with photos and video. Special guests, such as members of the ballpark authority, may share their thoughts on the project.

"We really want it to be interactive," Larson said. "This ballpark is not only for the Twins, but it's for the entire community. We want to be open and share the information."

The site, in turn, allows fans to share their ideas and suggestions for the new ballpark.

"We feel very strong that this is a ballpark that is going to be built for our fans," St. Peter said. "Fans throughout the 10 years have offered ideas and suggestions about how to get it built. Well, now that we're going to build it, I think it's only appropriate to ask fans to give us suggestions and answers about what they've liked to see within the baseball park.

"I expect come Opening Day 2010, you'll be able to look into the ballpark and point to a number of things that were just ideas that were generated by fans."

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