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Two home runs in one inning
American League
 Player Team Date Inning
Mark Trumbo Orioles 4/15/2016 Seventh
Edwin Encarnacion Blue Jays 7/26/2013 Seventh
Adrian Beltre Rangers 8/22/2012 Fourth
Kendrys Morales Angels 7/30/2012 Sixth
Michael Cuddyer Twins 8/23/2009 Seventh
David Ortiz Red Sox 8/12/2008 First
Alex Rodriguez Yankees 9/5/2007 Seventh
Magglio Ordonez Tigers 8/12/2007 Second
Julio Lugo Devil Rays 7/22/2006 Fifth
Carl Everett Rangers 7/26/2002 Seventh
Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox 7/23/2002 Third (Game 1)
Jared Sandberg Devil Rays 6/11/2002 Fifth
Mike Cameron Mariners 5/2/2002 First
Bret Boone Mariners 5/2/2002 First
Mark McGwire Athletics 9/22/1996 Fifth
Dave Nilsson Brewers 5/17/1996 Sixth
Joe Carter Blue Jays 10/3/1993 Second
Carlos Baerga* Indians 4/8/1993 Seventh
Ellis Burks Red Sox 8/27/1990 Fourth
Cliff Johnson Yankees 6/30/1977 Eighth
Rick Reichardt Angels 4/30/1966 Eighth
Joe Pepitone Yankees 5/23/1962 Eighth
Jim Lemon Senators 9/5/1959 Third
Al Kaline Tigers 4/17/1955 Sixth
Joe DiMaggio Yankees 6/24/1936 Fifth
Bill Regan Red Sox 6/16/1928 Fourth
Kenny Williams Browns 8/7/1922 Sixth

National League

 Player Team Date Inning
Pablo Sandoval Giants 9/18/2011 Fourth
Juan Uribe Giants 9/23/2010 Second
Jim Edmonds Cubs 6/21/2008 Fourth
Bengie Molina Giants 5/7/2007 Fifth
Juan Rivera Expos 6/19/2004 Second
Reggie Sanders Pirates 8/20/2003 Fifth
Mark Bellhorn* Cubs 8/29/2002 Fourth
Aaron Boone Reds 8/9/2002 First
Eric Karros Dodgers 8/22/2000 Sixth
Fernando Tatis** Cardinals 4/23/1999 Third
Gary Sheffield Marlins 7/13/1997 Fourth
Mike Lansing Expos 5/7/1997 Sixth
Sammy Sosa Cubs 5/16/1996 Seventh
Jeff King Pirates 4/30/1996 Fourth
Jeff King Pirates 4/8/1995 Second
Jeff Bagwell Astros 6/24/1994 Sixth
Dale Murphy Braves 7/27/1989 Sixth
Andre Dawson Expos 9/24/1985 Fifth
Von Hayes Phillies 6/11/1985 First
Ray Knight Reds 5/13/1980 Fifth
Andre Dawson Expos 7/30/1978 Third
Willie McCovey Giants 6/27/1977 Sixth
Lee May Astros 4/29/1974 Sixth
John Boccabella Expos 7/6/1973 Sixth (Game 1)
Willie McCovey Giants 4/12/1973 Fourth
Sid Gordon NY Giants 7/31/1949 Second (Game 2)
Andy Seminick Phillies 6/2/1949 Eighth
Hank Leiber NY Giants 8/24/1935 Second
Hack Wilson NY Giants 7/1/1925 Third (Game 2)
Jake Stenzel Pirates 06/06/1894 Third
Bobby Lowe Braves 05/30/1894 Third (Game 2)
Charley Jones Braves 06/10/1880 Eighth

*=Baerga and Bellhorn are the only players in history to homer from both sides of the plate in one inning.

**=Tatis hit two grand slams, the only player in history to hit two slams in one inning.