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31Mahtook, MikieLSUOFR/R6'01"2001989-11-30JR
Comments: LSU's center fielder is having a very good offensive season in a down year for college hitters, as others have struggled with the move to the new bats. Mahtook, as they say, wears the uniform well, with a an excellent baseball body. He's got very good bat speed and with good mechanics and looks like he should be an above-average hitter at the next level. He hits to all fields, with his power -- which should be Major League average -- coming mostly to the pull side. He'll overswing at times, though that may be more due to his aggressive style than his lack of approach at the plate. Mahtook is an average runner, better under way, but he's a very good baserunner overall. Defensively, he's got the ability to play anywhere in the outfield. His arm is fringy average, but it's fairly accurate, and his all-out play and good instincts allow his average range to play up. If he can stay in center, his offensive potential at that premium position looks that more enticing. Regardless of his defensive home, Mahtook is likely to be gone before the first round is over.
Enhanced Scouting Report
32Hager, JakeSierra Vista HS (NV)SSR/R6'01"1993-03-04HS
33Matthews, KevinRichmond Hill HS (GA)LHPR/L5'11"1801992-11-29HS
34Goodwin, BrianMiami Dade CC SouthOFL/L6'01"1951990-11-02J2
Comments: Draft fans will remember Goodwin as the toolsy North Carolina high schooler who was drafted by the White Sox in 2009 but chose the University of North Carolina instead. Facing academic suspension this season, the outfielder transferred to Miami Dade, a junior college, thus making him eligible for this year's Draft. Goodwin possesses many of the same tools from a couple of years back. The left-handed hitter should be above average at the plate, with a good approach and the ability to square balls up. He's got future above-average power to all fields as well. An above-average runner, he uses his speed well on the bases, where he should be a basestealer, and in the outfield. He's got plenty of arm strength and a solid glove -- one that could work in center, but might be best suited to left field when all is said and done. He's got enough bat to play a corner, and the glimpses of all five tools he shows should have him in the first-round conversation.
Enhanced Scouting Report
35Anderson, JacobChino HS (CA)OFR/R6'04"1901992-11-22HS
36Owens, HenryEdison HS (CA)LHPL/L6'06"1901992-07-21HS
Comments: Big lefties tend to get noticed, and Owens has been on radars for some time now as he's made the showcase circuit. The 6-foot-6 southpaw gets some Mark Langston comparisons, in terms of his body type, and he might have the arm to match. The SoCal high school product has a good delivery and arm action that allows him to throw his fastball 90-92 mph, peaking at 94 mph. He keeps it down in the zone and knows how to elevate it when needed. His curve, 69-74 mph, has two tiers to it. The first is a slower, Barry Zito-like breaking ball he throws to get strike one. The second is harder and generates more swings and misses. He also throws a slurvy slider, 75-77 mph, with a wide break. He has an advanced feel for a changeup and while he does try to work it in, he hasn't needed to use it a lot at this level. He's got polish on the mound, with advanced command and control of all his pitches, a package that could be a ticket to a first-round selection.
Enhanced Scouting Report
37Cone, ZachGeorgiaOFR/R6'02"2051989-12-14JR
38Martin, BrandonSantiago HS (CA)SSR/R5'11"1751993-08-24HS
39Greene, LarryBerrien County HS (GA)OFL/R6'00"2351993-02-10HS
40Bradley, JackieSouth CarolinaOFL/R5'10"1801990-04-19JR
Comments: Bradley, the center fielder for the University of South Carolina, seemed destined to be a no-doubt first-round pick before this season started. But struggles with the bat -- he hit just. 259 over 37 games -- and a wrist injury that required surgery have thrown his status into question. He swings a better bat than what he showed this season, having hit well in the tough SEC in the past as well as for Team USA this past summer. Though he's only 5-foot-10, he packs surprising power into his frame. He's a rare combination of an outfielder who has the chance to be an above-average defensive center fielder while having below-average speed. He's got an above-average arm and plus instincts which should allow him to stay there, like a Jim Edmonds. A team that thinks the pre-2011 Bradley is the real one will likely still take a chance pretty early on.
Enhanced Scouting Report
41Goeddel, TylerSt. Francis HS (CA)3BR/R6'04"1801992-10-20HS
42Ames, JeffLower Columbia CollegeRHPR/R6'04"2251991-01-31J2
43Chafin, AndrewKent StateLHPR/L6'02"2051990-06-17JR
Comments: Chafin didn't get the memo that says pitchers tend to be inconsistent in their first season following Tommy John surgery. The Kent State lefty missed all of 2010 after having the operation in May of his freshman year. Not only has he returned, but he's been the team's Friday starter and pitched very well. Chafin has an above-average fastball that can touch 94 mph but sits at 91-92 with a ton of movement. He throws both a curve (79-83 mph) and a slider (83-85 mph). The curve is better now, a potential plus, with the slider a little slurvy. Both have the chance to be good pitches, but with his curve as a very effective out pitch, it's possible he could just go with one breaking ball in the future. He doesn't use his changeup too often, but it, too, has a chance to be a very good pitch. He's got good feel for it and it drops late. He's got good command and isn't afraid to challenge hitters. Chafin did miss a start with arm soreness, something that's sure to raise red flags given his medical history, but if that question gets answered, he won't make it out of the sandwich round.
Enhanced Scouting Report
44Fulmer, MichaelDeer Creek HS (OK)RHPR/R6'03"2001993-03-15HS
45Story, TrevorIrving HS (TX)SSR/R6'01"1751992-11-15HS
46Musgrove, JoeGrossmont HS (CA)RHPR/R6'05"2301992-12-04HS
47Walker, KeenynCentral Arizona CollegeOFS/R6'03"1931990-08-12J2
48Kelly, MichaelWest Boca Raton Community HS (FL)RHPR/R6'04"1851992-09-06HS
Comments: After a very strong summer and solid fall, Kelly looked primed to be one of the more intriguing high school arms in the class. There's still a lot to like about Kelly, but his performance this spring has been a little inconsistent. At 6-foot-5, he's got a great pitcher's frame, but he has a tendency to drop and drive in his delivery, taking away that angle. He has a great power arm, with a plus fastball and the chance to improve it with some work to his mechanics. He also has a hard breaking ball that is more of a slurvy curve, and he doesn't throw a changeup much. His command is a little up and down, though he's shown some ability to command his fastball at times. With good mound presence and his size, he has the chance to be not just a hard thrower, but someone who can use his size and stuff to his advantage.
Enhanced Scouting Report
49Crick, KyleSherman HS (TX)RHPL/R6'04"2201992-11-30HS
50Harrison, TravisTustin HS (CA)3BR/R6'01"2151992-10-17HS
51Bichette, DanteOrangewood Christian HS (FL)3BR/R6'01"2151992-09-26HS
52Snell, BlakeShorewood HS (WA)LHPL/L6'04"1801992-12-04HS
53Smith, DwightMcIntosh HS (GA)OFL/R5'11"1801992-10-26HS
Comments: The son of the former Cubs outfielder of the same name, Smith clearly benefited from having a big league dad watching him hit. He has a professional approach at the plate and should hit for plenty of average at the next level. How high a team might consider the Georgia high school product might depend on how much power he'll have in the future. He'll have some, but it's not clear just how much. A minor leg issue hampered him this spring, but his speed is not one of his better tools. He plays center now, but the lack of that run tool could mean he'll have to slide over to a corner spot. His arm would be playable in right field but might be better suited for left long-term. If a team believes in the bat, it may take him early, with the feeling being he'll be gone by the sandwich round.
Enhanced Scouting Report
54Austin, BrettProvidence Sr. HS (NC)CS/R6'01"1992-11-24HS
55Boyd, HudsonBishop Verot HS (FL)RHPR/R6'02"2351992-10-18HS
56Carter, KesWestern KentuckyOFL/L6'02"2051990-03-03JR
57Comer, KevinSeneca HS (NJ)RHPR/R6'03"2051992-08-01HS
58Peterson, JaceMcNeese StateSSL/R6'00"1990-05-09JR
59Garvin, GraysonVanderbiltLHPL/L6'06"2251989-10-27JR
60Harris, JamesOakland Tech Sr. HS (CA)OFR/R6'01"1993-08-07HS
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Draft Order

First Round

  • 1. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 2. Seattle Mariners
  • 3. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 4. Baltimore Orioles
  • 5. Kansas City Royals
  • 6. Washington Nationals
  • 7. Arizona Diamondbacks (Loux - unsigned)
  • 8. Cleveland Indians
  • 9. Chicago Cubs
  • 10. San Diego Padres (Whitson - unsigned)
  • 11. Houston Astros
  • 12. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 13. New York Mets
  • 14. Florida Marlins
  • 15. Milwaukee Brewers (Covey - unsigned)
  • 16. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 17. Los Angeles Angels
  • 18. Oakland Athletics
  • 19. Boston Red Sox (V. Martinez - DET)
  • 20. Colorado Rockies
  • 21. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 22. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 23. Washington Nationals (Dunn - CWS)
  • 24. Tampa Bay Rays (Crawford - BOS)
  • 25. San Diego Padres
  • 26. Boston Red Sox (Beltre - TEX)
  • 27. Cincinnati Reds
  • 28. Atlanta Braves
  • 29. San Francisco Giants
  • 30. Minnesota Twins
  • 31. Tampa Bay Rays (R. Soriano - NYY)
  • 32. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 33. Texas Rangers (C. Lee - PHI)

Comp Round A

  • 34. Washington Nationals (Dunn - CWS)
  • 35. Toronto Blue Jays (Downs - LAA)
  • 36. Boston Red Sox (V. Martinez - DET)
  • 37. Texas Rangers (C. Lee - PHI)
  • 38. Tampa Bay Rays (R. Soriano - NYY)
  • 39. Philadelphia Phillies (Werth - WAS)
  • 40. Boston Red Sox (Beltre - TEX)
  • 41. Tampa Bay Rays (Crawford - BOS)
  • 42. Tampa Bay Rays (Balfour - OAK)
  • 43. Arizona Diamondbacks (LaRoche - WAS)
  • 44. New York Mets (Feliciano - NYY)
  • 45. Colorado Rockies (Dotel - TOR)
  • 46. Toronto Blue Jays (Buck - FLA)
  • 47. Chicago White Sox (Putz - ARI)
  • 48. San Diego Padres (Garland - LAD)
  • 49. San Francisco Giants (Uribe - LAD)
  • 50. Minnesota Twins (Hudson - SD)
  • 51. New York Yankees (Vazquez - FLA)
  • 52. Tampa Bay Rays (Hawpe - SD)
  • 53. Toronto Blue Jays (Gregg - BAL)
  • 54. San Diego Padres (Torrealba - TEX)
  • 55. Minnesota Twins (Crain - CWS)
  • 56. Tampa Bay Rays (Benoit - DET)
  • 57. Toronto Blue Jays (Olivo - SEA)
  • 58. San Diego Padres (Correia - PIT)
  • 59. Tampa Bay Rays (Choate - FLA)
  • 60. Tampa Bay Rays (Qualls - SD)

Second Round

  • 61. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 62. Seattle Mariners
  • 63. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 64. Baltimore Orioles
  • 65. Kansas City Royals
  • 66. Philadelphia Phillies (Werth - WAS)
  • 67. Cleveland Indians
  • 68. Chicago Cubs
  • 69. Houston Astros
  • 70. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 71. New York Mets
  • 72. Florida Marlins
  • 73. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 74. Toronto Blue Jays (Downs - LAA)
  • 75. Tampa Bay Rays (Balfour - OAK)
  • 76. Detroit Tigers
  • 77. Colorado Rockies
  • 78. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 79. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 80. Chicago White Sox
  • 81. Boston Red Sox
  • 82. San Diego Padres
  • 83. Texas Rangers
  • 84. Cincinnati Reds
  • 85. Atlanta Braves
  • 86. San Francisco Giants
  • 87. Minnesota Twins
  • 88. New York Yankees
  • 89. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 90. Philadelphia Phillies

Third Round

  • 91. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 92. Seattle Mariners
  • 93. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 94. Baltimore Orioles
  • 95. Kansas City Royals
  • 96. Washington Nationals
  • 97. Cleveland Indians
  • 98. Chicago Cubs
  • 99. Houston Astros
  • 100. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 101. New York Mets
  • 102. Florida Marlins
  • 103. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 104. Los Angeles Angels
  • 105. Oakland Athletics
  • 106. Detroit Tigers
  • 107. Colorado Rockies
  • 108. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 109. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 110. Chicago White Sox
  • 111. Boston Red Sox
  • 112. San Diego Padres
  • 113. Texas Rangers
  • 114. Cincinnati Reds
  • 115. Atlanta Braves
  • 116. San Francisco Giants
  • 117. Minnesota Twins
  • 118. New York Yankees
  • 119. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 120. Philadelphia Phillies

Comp Round B

  • 121. Seattle Mariners (Stanek - unsigned)

Rounds 4-50

  • 122. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 123. Seattle Mariners
  • 124. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 125. Baltimore Orioles
  • 126. Kansas City Royals
  • 127. Washington Nationals
  • 128. Cleveland Indians
  • 129. Chicago Cubs
  • 130. Houston Astros
  • 131. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 132. New York Mets
  • 133. Florida Marlins
  • 134. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 135. Los Angeles Angels
  • 136. Oakland Athletics
  • 137. Detroit Tigers
  • 138. Colorado Rockies
  • 139. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 140. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 141. Chicago White Sox
  • 142. Boston Red Sox
  • 143. San Diego Padres
  • 144. Texas Rangers
  • 145. Cincinnati Reds
  • 146. Atlanta Braves
  • 147. San Francisco Giants
  • 148. Minnesota Twins
  • 149. New York Yankees
  • 150. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 151. Philadelphia Phillies
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