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Santana is unanimous choice for AL Cy
After winning 13 straight after the All-Star break for the Twins, it should come as no surprise that starter Johan Santana was the unanimous choice for the 2004 American League Cy Young. More >

Clemens wins seventh Cy Young
Often, the older a pitcher becomes, the less effective he is on the mound. Roger Clemens apparently didn't get that memo. The 42-year-old won an unprecedented seventh Cy Young Award, the Rocket's first as a National League pitcher. More >

^ Santana
Player 1 2 3 Total
^ Clemens
Player 1 2 3 Total
J. Santana 28 140 R. Clemens 23 8 1 140
C. Schilling 27 1 82 R. Johnson 8 18 3 97
M. Rivera 1 24 27 R. Oswalt 1 3 5 19
P. Martinez 1 1 J. Schmidt 1 10 13
J. Nathan 1 1 C. Zambrano 1 5 8
F. Rodriguez 1 1 C. Pavano 1 3 6
E. Gagne 3 3
B. Lidge 1 1
B. Sheets 1 1
2003 winners:   AL: Roy Halladay, TOR    NL: Eric Gagne, LA    All-time winners >
Cy Young Award: A History
The Cy Young Award was created at the instigation of Commissioner Ford Frick. Noting that pitchers received only occasional recognition in the MVP voting, Frick pushed for the establishment of a separate award for pitchers. Cy Young (left), holder of the record for most victories, had just passed away, so his name was both the obvious and sentimental choice to adorn the award. More>