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2015 Seat Relocation

The Relocation and Upgrade process for the 2015 season will take place from December 16 through 9 p.m. on December 18, 2014. As a reminder, the entire Relocation and Upgrade process will take place online. We strongly encourage you to read this page in its entirety to ensure a smoother relocation experience.

Relocation & Upgrade Information
There are five actions that can be performed through this process:
  1. Relocate or upgrade some or all of your existing seats
  2. Relocate or upgrade some or all of your existing seats and add up to four seats
  3. Retain existing seats
  4. Retain existing seats and add up to four seats
  5. Change existing plan type to a different plan type

Relocating or upgrading your seats online is as easy as clicking on the seats you want, putting them into your shopping cart, and finalizing the order. It is important to note that your current seating location will not be released until you confirm the selection of your new seats AND confirm the release of your old seats on the confirmation page. You will also have the option to simply add seats on to your account, but you will be limited to 4 additional seats for 2015.

You will need your personal Account Number and PIN in order to access the Relocation and Upgrade website. However, it is important to note that only one person at a time can be logged on to the website with your personal Account Number and PIN. Your relocation date is listed on the email you were sent; you will be allowed to enter the site 30 minutes prior to your selection time.

Please note that you may need to download a free version of Java and/or Flash software in order to view the seat relocation and upgrade tool on your computer. There is a link to download each of these free pieces of software at the bottom of each page of the Relocation and Upgrade website.

Site Access & Helpful Video Tutorial
We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this website prior to your designated time, as we have made enhancements to the site to improve the customer experience. Simply follow the link below and log-in using your Account Number and PIN. Once you are logged in to the site there is a very helpful video tutorial available on the My Account page.

View Tutorial Now »

Important Post-relocation and Payment Information
If you choose to make no changes to your existing seat holdings no further action is required regarding payment. Payment for your 2015 season tickets will occur via the method selected at time of renewal.

Should you make any changes to your seat location or add additional seat locations to your account, you will not be required to submit payment for any new seats at the time of selection. If you successfully upgrade or relocate your seats it will take 2-3 weeks for the new seats to be reflected on your account - including your My Twins Tickets account. The Twins will contact you when your seats are reflected on your My Twins Ticket account at which time you can pay the balance due or sign up for the Interest Free Easy Pay Plan on-line. Any payments made towards your Season Ticket Account prior to or during the relocation process will be credited to your Season Ticket Account.

If you have any questions at any time during this process please contact your Ticket Sales and Service Representative or the VIP Season Ticket Holder Phone Line at 612-370-4575.