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On Deck Circle Member Ship Number

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How was my number determined?
Your unique membership number was determined by when we received and processed your On Deck Circle deposit and represents the order in which we will approach On Deck Circle members with the opportunity to convert their deposits into Twins season tickets.

Q: How many On Deck Circle Members are there?
There are nearly 3,600 members of the On Deck Circle.

Q: What are the chances that I will be able to convert my deposit into season tickets for the 2012 season?
It's difficult to say. The number of members that will convert their deposits into season tickets for the 2012 season depends on a number of factors: the number of existing Season Ticket Holders who cancel their season tickets; the total number of season tickets the team determines to sell for the 2012 season; the alignment of your personal seat preferences compared to the plan types and seat locations that become available; the number of members with a superior priority number than yours who are offered, but choose not to convert their deposits due to a misalignment of their season ticket preferences vs. the available options. All these factors will play a role in how many members convert their deposits into season tickets for the 2012 season. Without question though, the surest way to secure new season tickets is to be a member of the On Deck Circle since members will continue to have priority access to new season tickets that become available for the 2012 season and in the future.

Q: Is there a cap for Twins season tickets? If so, what will the cap be for the 2012 season?
Yes, the season ticket cap for the 2011 season is 25,000. A cap is in place to help provide the best possible experience and value for all Season Ticket Holders. A cap is also designed to ensure - through good inventory management practices - that we serve the needs of the wide range of fans and their ticket buying preferences. Each season a season ticket cap will be evaluated based on projected supply and demand for Twins tickets balanced by inventory management considerations. We have not yet determined what the season ticket cap will be for the 2012 season.

Q: Will my On Deck Circle Member number ever change?
As members convert their deposits into season tickets each year, all remaining members will have their numbers updated (i.e., lowered) to better reflect their place in line for future season tickets. This number updating would likely occur in the weeks following the deposit conversion process each year.

Q: What are my options if I no longer wish to be a member of the On Deck Circle?
Being a member of the On Deck Circle remains the best and quickest way to secure Twins season tickets in your own name. Although we would be disappointed to see you leave the On Deck Circle, we can remove you from the membership club at your request. Unfortunately, in leaving the On Deck Circle you will forfeit your non-refundable deposit and will no longer be able to enjoy the rewards & benefits that come with being a member.

Q: When will the deposit conversion process begin for the 2012 season?
Naturally, we must first complete the renewal process for existing Season Ticket Holders. Following this, the deposit conversion process will occur - likely in January of 2012. We encourage you to visit often to stay up-to-date on all developments relating to this and other account-related activities. Additionally, during the Fall timeframe we will begin communicating instructions regarding the deposit conversion process - please be sure to monitor your email closely.

Q: How will the deposit conversion process work?
This process has not been finalized. Please watch for emails and visit regularly for more information on this process. We will do our best to provide you with appropriate notice regarding this process so that you are able to arrange your personal schedule in order to maximize your priority status for converting your deposit into season tickets for the 2012 season - if applicable.