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Demand-based Pricing

Twins tickets Beginning Feb. 23, the Twins will apply demand-based pricing to all seating sections of Target Field for the 2013 season. Demand-based pricing, which prices tickets according to fan demand, is a practice that has become standard across the sports and entertainment industries. The system, which was implemented at Target Field in 2011, applies only to single-game ticket sales and does not affect Season Ticket Holder pricing.

Last season, the Twins expanded demand-based pricing to all seating sections within Target Field to more accurately price single-game tickets and to provide fans with more price options. Demand-based pricing allows the Twins to adjust all ticket prices upward or downward on a daily basis based on real-time market conditions such as team performance, pitching matchups and the weather.

The Twins will utilize Digonex's Sports and Entertainment Analytical Ticketing System (SEATSTM), a robust and proven dynamic pricing system that optimizes prices based upon a number of factors, to provide greater value to fans, maximize ticket sales, and mitigate the impact of ticket scalpers.