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TwinsCare Tickets for Kids


Program Summary
The TwinsCare Tickets for Kids grant program of the Twins Community Fund exists to bring under-served youth to Minnesota Twins regular season baseball games at Target Field. The program distributes one-time annual grants of game tickets to nonprofit organizations serving youth and families.

The program is open to youth and family-serving nonprofit organizations in the Minnesota five-state area and southern Manitoba. Businesses, schools and individuals are not eligible.

Program Funding
The program is funded by the Twins Community Fund and its cornerstone partners Target, US Bank, Treasure Island Resort and Casino, and Delta Air Lines, as well as by select Twins players. Granted tickets will be assigned to a group named after a sponsoring Twins player.

Application Process
Applications must be received by Monday, March 19 to be considered for a grant prior to July 16. Applications received after March 19 will be reviewed on a space available basis after July 16.

Applications will be reviewed by Twins Community Fund and Minnesota Twins Baseball Club staff. Grantees will be selected based on need, previous participation in the program, and date availability.

Tickets will be awarded on a rolling basis. You will be notified at least 6 weeks prior to the game date you have been selected for. You will receive an email with the ticket date and quantity.

Please do not contact the Twins Community Fund to check the status of your application.

Ticket Distribution
Tickets will be distributed three weeks in advance of your game date via Fed Ex ground. Tickets will be sent to the attention of the organization's CEO/Executive Director.

Ticket Use Guidelines

  • The TwinsCare program has a zero tolerance policy for misuse of tickets. Organizations caught reselling tickets in any way, or using them for purposes outside the mission of the organization, will not be eligible for the program again.
  • All tickets must be utilized. Organizations redeeming less than 90% of their allotment will not be eligible for the program for a specified period of time. Tickets are scanned at the gates. There is only one ticket scanned per person.
  • Recipients may be featured on the Twins video board during the game. Organizations wishing not to be featured for client privacy reasons should alert the Twins Community Fund in advance of the game.
  • We ask you to send a final report detailing the use of the tickets. Please include copies of any pictures or notes of gratitude you have.
  • Organizations are asked to recognize the Twins Community Fund tickets grant contribution in some form to your supporters and clients.