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Hennepin County Youth Baseball and Softball Grant

Applications for 2016 grants are now closed. The application period will reopen in Fall 2017.

Program Summary

This grant program provides financial support to youth baseball and softball capital projects located in Hennepin County.


The Hennepin County Baseball and Softball grant program will be administered by the Minnesota Twins Community Fund staff who review all requests, pay matching grants, work closely with grantee organizations to ensure completion of the projects and maintain program records.

Hennepin Youth Sports Program

Additional funding for eligible projects is available from Hennepin County. Applicants interested in applying for these funds should review the criteria at the MASC website. Applicants must apply to BOTH Hennepin County and the Twins Community Fund to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Purpose and Eligibility

The purpose of these grants will be to allow Hennepin County government agencies (i.e. municipalities, park districts or school districts) and 501c3 nonprofit organizations to create, expand, or improve baseball or softball facilities to enhance opportunities for athletics and recreation.

No grant awards may be used for ongoing expenses, such as programming services or operating and maintaining the facilities.

Applicants must have secured some funds for the project from at least one other source before applying. This one other source cannot be a pending Hennepin Youth Sports Program application.

Organizations must also be governed by active boards and have sufficient revenue to operate their leagues.

Application Process/Schedule

Applications for 2016 grants are now closed. The application period will reopen in Fall 2017.

Applicants must begin their project within nine months of receiving the grant.

The following criteria will be among those considered in evaluating grant applications:

  • Need for the facility
  • Population and number of people served
  • Matching funds from other entities and in-kind contributions
  • Project sustainability, including ongoing operating funds
  • Inclusion of environmental improvements and sustainable design
  • Partnerships between local units of governments and nonprofit sports organizations
  • Timeline and demonstrated ability to perform


Proposals that support, create and enhance partnerships both between public entities as well as those with private organizations will be favored. Operating agreements that expand hours and programs, bring new users to the facility and provide opportunities that do not currently exist in the community will be preferred.

If you have any questions about Hennepin County Youth Baseball and Softball grant program, please call Stephanie Johnson at 612-659-3505 or email her.