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Youth Coaching Grant Program

Twins Community Fund

Program Summary
The Minnesota Twins Community Fund Youth Coaching Grant Program will distribute grants of $100 - $2,000 to assist youth baseball and softball organizations in recruiting coaches for the youth teams in their leagues. The grants will help organizations augment their programs by providing a stipend to high school and college students to serve as coaches for youth teams. The program is intended to get high school and college students interested in coaching youth baseball and softball while supplying them with a summer job.

The Youth Coaching Grant Program will be administered by the Minnesota Twins Community Fund staff who review all requests, pay grants, work closely with grantee organizations to ensure that guidelines are followed and maintain all program records.

The program is open to any Upper Midwest non-profit organization or local government unit wishing to augment their program by hiring additional coaches for youth teams. The grants are intended to go toward recruiting new coaches and not to supplement an organization's budget by granting money to coaches who are already paid by the organization.

Other Requirements
Organizations receiving grants must complete a final report discussing the use and impact of the grant. This report should also document work hours and payment to coaches and should include cancelled checks or pay stubs along with timesheets signed by both the coach and the organizations administrator.

Application Process/Schedule:
Applicants must complete the application and submit other required documents. Final grant determinations will be made by the Twins Community Fund Board of Directors.

Application due dates are as follows:

Application Due Date
March 13, 2015

Grant Determination/Notification
April 30, 2015

2015 Application

Questions about the Youth Coaching Grant Program should be directed to: Stephanie Johnson, (612) 659-3505, Email