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Target Field Turf Fact Sheet

Farm Facts:
• Graff's Turf Farms, Inc., Fort Morgan, Colorado

Grass Facts:
• GTF Shortcut Sports Field Blend Turfgrass • 4-way blend of improved Kentucky Bluegrass seed
• Seed blend is chosen for it's dark green color, wear tolerance and excellent winter hardiness/summer performance
• Blend is aggressive growing with a strong, deep rhizome structure that aids in fast recovery from sports play
• Shortcut is used primarily for sporting fields and golf courses Seeding/Soil Facts:• Planted August 2008
• Grown in soil that is 90%+ sand
• Sand-based turfgrass interfaces well with professional fields that install high-tech drainage systems
• Unique sand composition maintains drainage even under extreme compaction situations
• Turfgrass is initially mowed and then maintained at 5/8" height in the farm's fields which requires frequent mowings

Harvesting Facts:
• Approximately 110,000 square feet of turf (2.5 acres) will be harvested
• Turfgrass will be harvested in 4' wide by 100' long split-rolls (400 sq.ft. each)
• Each roll weighs approximately 2,500 lbs.
• Depth of cut is 3/4"

Delivery/Install Facts:
• A Minnesota trucking firm is the contracted supplier for delivering the new sod from Graff's to Target Field
• Total of 19 refrigerated vans will be used for shipping • Minnesota labor will be installing the field
• The sod will be installed within 24 hours of being cut from the field in Fort Morgan
• Installation will take a total of three days