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Target Plaza

Oslund.and.assoc. has designed Target Plaza - a new urban space for downtown Minneapolis - in partnership with the Twins, Target, the Minnesota Ballpark Authority and HOK Sport. Target Plaza will be built on 2.2 acres of bridge deck that span over the I-394 corridor which becomes the gateway to the new Twin's ballpark, Target Field. Care has been given to create memorable public gathering spaces that serve as desirable urban plazas on both game days and non-game days.

Starting at the corner of 1st Avenue and 6th Street, fans will arrive onto the plaza via an extension of the plaza bridge which provides an on-grade accessible route to the plaza along the north side of the Target Center parallel to 6th Street. Features of the Target Plaza will include:

  • Lining the main east west axis of the plaza is a line of 9-40' tall metal topiary frames with integral benches which will be planted with annual vines that will climb up the topiary structure throughout the baseball season.
  • The planted topiary frames will also be lit with LED lights allowing the topiaries to be illuminated in a multitude of colors and patterns and become an integral part of the game and plaza experience adding to the engaging and active experience.
  • Each side of the plaza contains a raised lawn panel featuring trees, shrubs and perennials. At the edge of the lawn panel is a seat wall separated by wood benches. Turf areas that support three metal 'visor' shade canopies help to provide shade and a more intimate space along the edges of the plaza. This will provide a welcoming green space in a dense urban environment.
  • An oversized cast bronze glove will be placed in the turf area on the north side of the plaza.
  • Adjacent to the ticketing area are three "pitcher's mound" planters constructed of the same native limestone as the building and are surrounded with seating.
  • The plaza edge along the ticketing area also contains a fan- and player-tribute wall.

Covering the entire south façade of the "B" Ramp is a kinetic wind sculpture by artist Ned Kahn. The art piece or 'wind veil', is a mesmerizing compilation composed of thousands of aluminum flaps that move in the air currents and reveal the complex patterns of turbulence in the wind. The wind veil will be back- lit from below with LED lights which will reflect the light as they move in the wind creating and interesting and ever-changing pattern of light and color.