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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I establish priority for seats in Target Field?
Fans who purchase season tickets between now and the opening of Target Field will establish their priority for seats in Target Field. The sooner the fan purchases their seats, the better priority they receive. The Twins have many season ticket plans available from which to choose. See all plans that qualify and make a deposit right now on! Make a deposit »
Do I have to retain my season tickets until Target Field opens to earn priority?
Yes. The earlier you purchase and retain your season tickets, the better priority you will receive when Target Field opens.
What type of season ticket plans will be available in Target Field?
Season ticket plans at Target Field are very similar to what is currently offered in the Metrodome. There are several season ticket options offering a variety of games and price points to appeal to almost any person's budget and schedule.
How many seats will be in Target Field?
There will be approximately 40,000 seats in Target Field, with approximately 18,500 infield seats.
When will Target Field open?
Target Field is scheduled to open in April 2010.
Will you provide affordable seats?
The Twins have a rich history of providing the region's most affordable family entertainment. Continuing with that tradition, the team is committed to maintaining a variety of seating areas in all price ranges.

Ballpark Project Team

What is the Minnesota Ballpark Authority?
The Minnesota Ballpark Authority (MBA) is the governmental agency providing oversight to the construction and operation of Target Field. The MBA consists of five members, two appointed by the governor of the state of Minnesota, two appointed by Hennepin County and one appointed by the city of Minneapolis. Current members of the MBA are:
Steve Cramer - Chair
Michael Vekich - Vice Chair
Joan Campbell - Secretary
John Wade - Treasurer
Barb Sykora
What architecture firm designed Target Field?
Target Field was designed by HOK Sport of Kansas City and HGA of Minneapolis. HOK Sport has designed many great sports venues including Baltimore's Camden Yards, San Francisco's AT&T Park; Pittsburgh's PNC Park and St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center.

The local architect is HGA Architects. Hammel, Green and Abrahamson Inc. (HGA) is a full service architecture, engineering and planning firm with a staff of 500 people. It is an employee-owned corporation with offices in Minneapolis and Rochester, Minn.; Milwaukee, Wisc; and Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles, Calif. Headquartered just a few blocks from the ballpark, HGA has a reputation as a design leader and is ranked among nationally recognized firms in the architecture, engineering and planning professions.

What company is Target Field's construction manager?
The construction manager is Minneapolis-based Mortenson Construction. Since 1987, when it began building sports facilities, Mortenson has risen to become one of the top three national builders of sports centers. Local sports experience includes Xcel Energy Center, Target Center, University of Minnesota's Williams Arena renovation as well as the U's new football stadium. National experience includes Coors Field and Pepsi Center in Denver, FedEx Forum in Memphis, Edward Jones Dome (formerly TWA Dome) in St. Louis, University of Iowa's Kinnick Stadium renovation, and Sprint Center in Kansas City.
When was ground broken for construction?
Work began on the site during the summer of 2007 with the official groundbreaking ceremony taking place on August 30.
How long will it take to build Target Field?
Approximately 36 months.
How much will the ballpark cost to build?
The ballpark will cost $412 million to build. $260 million comes from Hennepin County and $152 million comes from the Pohlad family and the Twins. Initially, ownership pledged $130 million for the ballpark but will pay an additional $22 million to cover costs associated with ballpark enhancements and fan amenities. Ownership has also pledged an additional $15 million to augment infrastructure upgrades outside and around the ballpark. The infrastructure budget was initially $90 million and it is now $105 million.
How many jobs will Target Field construction create?
An estimated 500 full-time equivalent jobs over a three-year period.


What will Target Field look like?
There will be six separate levels in Target Field totaling approximately one million square feet.
  • Event Level:
    The luxurious Champion's Club features extra-wide seats and access to the Champion's Club Lounge that features a sit-down dining experience, upscale concessions and other great amenities.
  • Main Concourse Level:
    The new Minnesota ballpark will feature one of the closest seating bowls to the playing field in all of Major League Baseball.
  • Club Level:
    The Legend's Club includes padded seats along with access to private, climate controlled lounge areas featuring full-service bars, large screen TVs, fireplaces and upscale food options.
  • Suite Level:
    Fifty-four suites will be located above the club level and afford spectacular views of the action, comfortable furnishings, and upscale catering.
  • Terrace Level AND View Level:
    The new Minnesota ballpark will feature approximately 20,000 fewer upper deck seats than the Metrodome!
What will the seating be like?
Minnesota's Target Field will feature more than 18,500 infield seats.
How large will Target Field be?
Minnesota's Target Field will be approximately 1 million square feet and seat nearly 40,000.
Will there be a roof?
The Twins-Hennepin County ballpark bill, passed by the 2006 legislature, calls for the construction of an open-air facility.
How will you provide comfort for the fans during less-than-perfect weather?
The Twins and county are building in a variety of elements aimed at providing extra comfort to fans. Among those elements the project team is considering; the use of radiant heat in the concourse, concession and restroom areas and a large sunscreen sheltering the upper deck.
Will the grass be real?
Yes, the playing field in Target Field will be natural grass and is currently being grown on a sod farm in Colorado.
What will the field dimensions be?
The dimensions for Minnesota's new ballpark are 339' to Left; 377' to left field's Power Alley; 404' to Center; 367' to right field's Power Alley; and 328' to Right. The outfield walls are 8' from the left field foul pole to right center field and 23' from right center field to right field foul pole. View more Target Field features »
Will Target Field have "open" concourses?
Similar to those found at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center, Target Field will offer fans open concourses throughout the facility providing a 360-degree view of the playing field. In addition, the concourses will be twice as wide as those in the Metrodome. (The main concourse will average 40 feet wide in Target Field).
What is the stone I see being installed on the exterior walls of Target Field?
The ballpark's exterior will feature Minnesota-native limestone from the Vetter Stone Company near Mankato, Minn. as well as glass.


What kinds of new concessions will there be?
The Twins will offer a variety of wonderful concession options for fans of all ages. Delaware North Sportservice will be the new concessionaire in Target Field.
How many suites will there be?
The current new ballpark schematic design includes 54 suites.

Location, Parking and Transportation

Where exactly is Target Field?
Target Field will be built in the North Loop neighborhood which is part of Minneapolis' historic warehouse district near the Target Center. Specifically, Target Field is being built on Third Avenue between Fifth and Seventh Streets.
Will there be transit options?
Target Field will be among the most accessible sports facilities in the country. It is being built at the convergence point of the Hiawatha Light Rail Transit Line, the Northstar Commuter Rail line, the future Central Corridor Transit Line, t, Interstates 394 and 94 as well as the Cedar Lake bike trail. More Target Field transportation info »
What will the parking be like?
There are more than 20,000 parking spaces within a five block walk from the site including 7,700 spots in the adjacent ABC ramps.


How many years is the lease?
The Twins signed a 30-year ironclad lease with the Minnesota Ballpark Authority during the summer of 2007.
Who will own Target Field?
Target Field will be owned by the Minnesota Ballpark Authority and operated by the Minnesota Twins.
What are the details on the sales tax?
There is a .0015 sales tax increase, which is equivalent to three cents on a $20 purchase in Hennepin County. This sales tax excludes clothing, food, medical supplies and automobiles.
Aside from the lease payment, what will the team pay per year?
The team will be responsible for 100% of the annual ballpark expenses (an estimated $10 million+ per year), $1 million per year for capital improvements ($600,000 of this amount will escalate over time) and $250,000 per year for youth activities and amateur sports.
Who will be responsible for improvement costs?
Both the team and the county will be responsible for $1 million per year each in capital improvements. This amount will escalate over time, with the exception of $400,000 of team capital improvements.