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Target Field Model

On Tuesday, October 30, 2007, the Minnesota Twins in partnership with HOK Sport present the Hennepin County Board with the model representing the future home of Minnesota Twins baseball beginning in 2010. At a 1/16 scale (1/16 of an inch equals one foot) or 62 inches by 62 inches, it would take 4,165 models to cover the entire field of the new Twins ballpark.

New Ballpark Model Facts

  • The model took more than 3,000 hours to construct. That's the equivalent of watching about six seasons' worth of Twins baseball games.
  • It weighs 324 pounds - the same weight as 162 Joe Mauer bats.
  • The model is 62 inches by 62 inches and was created at a 1/16 scale (1/16 of an inch equals one foot). At that size, it would take 4,165 models to cover the entire field of the new Twins ballpark.
  • The model is lighted with 240 feet of fiber optic wire. The canopy alone includes 640 fiber optic lights. If these 640 lights were 60-watt light bulbs, they could create enough light to illuminate the model for 80 years.
  • The model includes the largest working LCD screen ever to be included on an HOK Sport model. The screen itself came from an in-car DVD player. Talladega Nights was the first video to be played on the screen during a test run of the equipment.
  • The ballpark facade was a hand-made piece of art. Model makers created 20 variations of the stone pattern before creating the most correct replication of the actual stone. The facade features 4,000 individually air-brushed stones.
  • The model includes 2.5 gallons of paint - enough to paint a 1,000 square foot wall.
  • The model isn't all business and baseball. It also includes an ice fisherman, a monkey catching a train, eight boats, Mr. T, Smurfette, Paul Bunyan and Babe, Goldy Gopher and TC Bear.
  • All the flag poles and the seating bowl were hand made. Other parts were made using a CO2 laser cutter and a 3-D milling machine.
  • The model was created using plastic, acrylic, polyester foam resin, urethane, acid-etched brass, styrene plastic, brass rods, paper and a gel medium. More than 2,000 yards of masking tape were used in the process.
  • The chemical used to glue the model parts together (methylene chloride) is the same chemical used to decaffeinate coffee.
  • The grass pattern on the fi eld was airbrushed, and the Twins logo on the field was hand painted.
  • The Twins model is the 53rd presentation model created by HOK Sport's model shop - and this one is the largest presentation model ever completed.