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Tradition Wall Inscriptions

MARCH 30, 2009

Exterior (Target Plaza, Promenade, South Lot)
Foundation work for the pedestrian connection to Ramp A is underway. The steps for the Grandstand stair have been placed - See Photo #6.

Structure (Structural Steel, Concrete Decks)
The framing and sheathing for the underside of the canopy continues, see Photos #1 & 2. The main scoreboard has reached its final height with the installation of the steel that supports the field lights.

Enclosure (Precast Stone Panels, Curtainwall Glass)
The precast panel installation is nearly complete at the 5th street side of the ballpark. Curtainwall framing has started on the Admin building - See Photo #11.

Service Level
Mechanical piping is being insulated and labeled – See Photo #9. The sub roof installation under the stadia has started - See Photo #10.

Main Concourse
The steel for the glass box retail area has started. The wall tile and stainless steel counter installation continues.

Club Level
Legends club areas are being painted.

Suite finishes (painting, etc.) continue to occur in right field, left field wall framing is ongoing.

Terrace Level
Admin office wall framing has started.

Seating Bowl
The precast is nearly complete in the outfield and in right field. It is progressing behind home plate towards left field.

Playing Field
The playing field heating pipes have been stubbed into the field area.

Photo 1 - Canopy Sheathing

Photo 4 - Ribbon scoreboard at left field

Photo 2 - Canopy framing

Photo 5 - Handset stone near the ticket office

Photo 3 - Bullpen scoreboard

Photo 6 - Grandstand staircase

Photo 7 - Glass box retail steel

Photo 10 - Glass box retail steel

Photo 8 - Main concourse concession

Photo 11 - Admin building curtainwall

Photo 9 - Service level piping at ceiling

Photo 12 - Main scoreboard steel