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At a Glance

Minnesota's New Ballpark:
One of Baseball's Most Intimate Venues

Minnesota's new 40,000-seat ballpark is scheduled to open in spring of 2010, marking the Twins' 50th season of playing baseball in the Upper Midwest. Designed to provide fans with an outstanding baseball venue, Minnesota's new ballpark will deliver a truly unforgettable sports and entertainment experience.

The new ballpark will provide Upper Midwest fans with one of baseball's most intimate settings. As the new ballpark brings fans closer to the action, it will also feature spectacular views of the Minneapolis skyline and superior baseball sightlines from every seat in the house.


Minnesota's new ballpark will feature one of the closest seating bowls to the playing field in all of Major League Baseball, and will have approximately 18,500 infield seats.


The ballpark will feature a 360-degree open main concourse giving fans an uninterrupted view of the playing field. The concourses will be twice as wide as those found in the Metrodome.

Celebrating Minnesota's Rich Baseball Heritage

Minnesota's new ballpark will celebrate the heritage and history of the game across the Upper Midwest. While plans are yet to be finalized, the ballpark will include tributes to the great Twins teams and players from years gone by as well as other Minnesota baseball icons.

Field Dimensions

The preliminary dimensions for Minnesota's new ballpark are 339' to Left; 377' to LF Power Alley; 404' to Center; 367' to RF Power Alley; and 328' to Right. The outfield walls are 8' from the left field foul pole to right center field and 23' from right center field to right field foul pole.

The Knotholes

Minnesota's new ballpark will feature multiple "Knotholes" along the 5th Street side of the ballpark allowing fans to watch the action outside the park without buying a ticket.

Environmentally Friendly Ballpark

An environmentally friendly design that incorporates conservation, sustainability and energy efficiency.


There will be 401 women's and 266 men's restroom fixtures in Minnesota's new ballpark versus 256 (women's) and 192 (men's) fixtures at the Metrodome.


The ballpark's exterior is a modern interpretation of the state's natural creations. Hearty, weather resistant, native Minnesotan limestone forms the mass of the ballpark's fa├žade. Glass and metal details punctuate the limestone surface, creating a sophisticated composition. In addition, whenever possible, the ballpark and surrounding areas will incorporate Minnesota-native flowers, trees and shrubs.


The Twins will offer a variety of wonderful concession options for fans of all ages.

Ballpark Location

The North Loop neighborhood and historic Warehouse District of Minneapolis (adjacent to Target Center).

Ballpark Size

One million total square feet and seating for approximately 40,000 fans, which is comparable to Pittsburgh's PNC Park and San Francisco's AT&T Park.

Ballpark Type

Outdoor - open-air, natural-grass ballpark, with a view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline.

Ballpark Owner

The Minnesota Ballpark Authority, a new political subdivision created by the Minnesota Legislature in conjunction with the Twins-Hennepin County ballpark legislation, will own and oversee the new ballpark on behalf of the public.


Construction will start in August 2007; the ballpark will open for the 2010 Major League Baseball season.


Consistent with the team's longstanding tradition of providing affordable family entertainment, the new Twins ballpark will continue to provide fans with multiple seating options and value.


Minnesota's new ballpark will be among the most accessible in professional sports in terms of seating and access for fans with disabilities.

Transportation to the new ballpark includes light rail transit, Northstar Commuter Rail, Metro Transit bus, Cedar Lake Bike Trail and 20,000 parking spots within five blocks of the ballpark.

Fan Comfort

Seats in the new Twins ballpark will be generally wider and feature more legroom than those at the Metrodome. In addition, the new Twins ballpark will feature more aisles with fewer seats per row.


The Twins are committed to providing a comfortable experience for fans - even on days when our weather is less than perfect. Fans will be able to take advantage of heated concessions, restrooms, restaurant and lounge areas found on each ballpark level. In addition, the ballpark's sun screen - one of the largest in baseball - will provide added protection.