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Chance 2 Advance Ticket Plan

We're sorry - Chance 2 Advance is now sold out.

A Win-Win Situation

With the Brewers Chance 2 Advance Ticket Plan, when the Brewers win, you win! Not only will you save on tickets, you will also have a chance to advance from Bernie's Terrace all the way to the Field Diamond Box.

For just $99, you get tickets to 9 select Tuesday games at Miller Park PLUS the chance to advance all the way to the Field Diamond Box. You start with seats in Bernie's Terrace for all 9 games, but with each Brewers win, you upgrade your seating area. On Tuesday, May 12, you'll sit in Bernie's Terrace for the first game of the plan. If the Crew wins, you will advance to the next seating tier for the following game in the plan.

Every time the Brewers win, you will simply exchange your Bernie's Terrace ticket for a ticket in the next best seating area for only $2. You remain in that seat location until the Brewers win the next game in the plan. If the Brewers don't win, you simply exchange your Bernie's Terrace ticket at no cost for a seat in the same section where you last advanced -- no backsliding.

If the Brewers win the first 8 games in the plan, the 9th game would enable you the opportunity to sit in the Field Diamond Box!

Tickets go on sale March 4 at 10 a.m. CT

Chance 2 Advance Ticket Plan sold out in 2013 & 2014, and tickets are sure to go fast again. Buy now to secure this great opportunity.

Game Dates:

Order of Seat Upgrades:

1. Bernie's Terrace
2. Terrace Reserved
3. Terrace Box
4. Loge Outfield Box
5. Loge Infield Box
6. Club Outfield Box
7. Field Outfield Box
8. Field Infield Box
9. Field Diamond Box