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Split the Pot Raffle

It could be your lucky day! At each home game, the Minnesota Twins will hold the Twins Split the Pot Raffle, benefitting the Twins Community Fund and the Ted Williams Museum.

Raffle tickets may be purchased from gate open through the end of the sixth inning from uniformed raffle ticket sellers throughout the ballpark at a cost of $2 a ticket, three tickets for $5, ten tickets for $10, or forty tickets for $20. The winning number, determined through a random drawing, will be announced in the eighth inning. One lucky winner will take home HALF the net proceeds from that day's raffle ticket sales.

The Twins Split the Pot Raffle is your chance to strike it rich and help a worthy cause. Does it get any better?

Redemption Instructions

Regular/Postseason, Target Field: Winning tickets may be redeemed the day of game at the Community Fund Kiosk located at section 116 by the end of the ninth inning. To redeem a winning ticket after the game, contact the Twins Community Fund at 612-659-3400. Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the raffle date. Winning ticket numbers will be posted on this webpage the day following the drawing. Click here for official raffle rules »

Split the Pot Raffle Dates

Game Winning Ticket Winning Amount Prize Claimed? Total Raised Winner Charity Raffle Prize
March 3
vs. Red Sox
A-24530 $642
March 5
vs. Orioles
B-14708 $930
March 8
vs. Cardinals
C-25485 $762
March 9
vs. Phillies
D-20700 $825
March 11
vs. Marlins
E-38093 $1,106
March 13
vs. Orioles
F-23334 $1,077
March 16
vs. Red Sox
G-47474 $1,539
March 20
vs. Yankees
H-13258 $1,747
March 21
vs. Pirates
I-46975 $1,085
March 22
vs. Orioles
J-10328 $869
March 23
vs. Rays
K-32425 $668
March 26
vs. Pirates
L-26440 $852
March 26
vs. Pirates
March 29
vs. Red Sox
M-18525 $594
March 30
vs. Blue Jays
N-54582 $840
April 11
vs. White Sox
285202 $10,586
April 13
vs. White Sox
236366 $2,825
April 14
vs. White Sox
219997 $1,647 Yes James Hansen
April 15
vs. Angels
244799 $3,242
April 16
vs. Angels
107077 $6,238 Yes Zachary Nelson
April 17
vs. Angels
202243 $4,429 Yes Judith Nelson
April 18
vs. Brewers
273971 $3,850
April 19
vs. Brewers
223825 $2,254 Yes Scott Huckell
April 25
vs. Indians
268979 $2,282 Yes Thomas Bottensek
April 26
vs. Indians
113905 $2,204 Yes Glenn McGregor
April 27
vs. Indians
145468 $1,807 Yes Lyle Burdett Horner Jr.
April 29
vs. Tigers
197099 $3,099 Yes Corrina Lemar
April 30
vs. Tigers
122355 $6,974 Tyler Swanson
May 1
vs. Tigers
190166 $3,822 Allison Fisher