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Throwing Injuries




Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price has been suffering from a left elbow strain since February 28th. It's a familiar pattern for Price, who told reporters he experiences some type of elbow soreness every year in spring training. But that's no reason to take an injury lightly. With millions of sports-lovers playing baseball and softball this spring, injury prevention and awareness is key to a healthy season. Julie Ruane, Nurse Practitioner in the Division of Sports Medicine at BIDMC, has advice on throwing injuries and what you can do to prevent them.

"Elbow and shoulder injuries can develop acutely or gradually over time," says Ruane. "There are a variety of reasons why injuries can occur, such as poor body mechanics, improper warm-up, trying to throw too hard or over-throwing and fatigue."

Ruane adds that the same types of throwing injuries that are common in professional athletes are common in casual athletes, too. "Preventing injury by focusing on flexibility and strengthening is an important start. Many of us 'weekend warriors' participate…"

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