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FanPass Digital Tickets FAQs

Q1. What is Braves FanPass Digital Ticketing?

Braves FanPass enables ticket buyers to easily have control of all aspects of their tickets by utilizing their online My Braves Account to print tickets at home, transfer tickets to guests, and enter the Turner Field gates on a smartphone. Braves Season Ticket Holders have the added benefit of exchanging their tickets online if their schedule changes.


Q2. Why choose Braves FanPass?

  • Save money on your 2014 Season Tickets
  • No more keeping track of paper tickets
  • Breeze through the entrance gate with your personal smartphone
  • Easily forward your tickets for FREE to friends, family, or clients
  • Exchange tickets easily if your personal schedule changes (benefit for Season Ticket Holders only)

The entire process is quick, secure and simple.


Q3. As a Ticket Holder, How do I log in to my Braves account?

  • Season Ticket Holders can head directly to (it may be best to bookmark this login page). From here you will enter your account number or email address associated with your Season Tickets and password. If you have forgotten your password, there is a helpful "forgot my password" link.
  • Single game buyers should visit and select the appropriate link to log into their account and manage their tickets.


Q4. What can I do in My Braves Account online manager?

From a Personal Computer, you can:

  • Print Tickets out at home
  • Transfer tickets to guests via email
  • Exchange tickets if your schedule changes
  • Post tickets for resale
  • Manage your tickets and view where they have been distributed.

From a Smartphone, you can:

  • Transfer tickets to a guest via email
  • Pull up your tickets for entry
  • For iPhone users, you can store your tickets locally in your "Passbook"
  • Season Ticket Holders can use mobile tickets for their 33% concessions discount and any added value on the barcodes of their tickets.


Q5. I want to enter the gates with my smartphone.  How do I use Braves FanPass mobile entry?

From a smartphone, you will access your tickets via the steps mentioned in Question 3 above. Select the game of your choice and choose the "view your tickets" option to pull up your unique QR code for each ticket.  An example of a mobile QR barcode is below.  At this step, iPhone users can choose to store their tickets locally through their Passbook.  If you choose the Passbook function, please make sure to transfer ALL of your Braves tickets to the Passbook, one at a time.  Please see below for screenshots on mobile access.

Passbook Screenshot
Passbook Screenshot
Passbook Screenshot


Q6. Where do I enter Turner Field if I am using Braves FanPass?

You can enter at any gate with print-at-home or mobile tickets.


Q7. What do I do if I have FanPass digital tickets but do not have a smartphone?

Your account can be managed from a personal computer at or by visiting and selecting the appropriate link to log into your account. Please see Q4 for specifics of what fans can manage from their personal computer.  For helpful information on managing your tickets digitally, please visit


Q8. What happens when I arrive at the gate?

Your barcode will be scanned electronically just like a paper ticket. Both mobile FanPass tickets and print-at-home tickets will show your exact seating locations.


Passbook Screenshot

Q9. What if I have 755 Club access and/or Added Value on my tickets?

Added Value and 755 Club are stored on the barcodes or QR codes of your tickets just like paper tickets! A Braves representative will scan your barcode to verify your membership for the 755 Club. Mobile users can investigate to see if added value or 755 Club membership is loaded on your ticket by clicking the "i" icon (see screenshot) located on each ticket.


Q10. How do I receive the 33% concessions discount as a Season Ticket Holder?

The digital ticket that you scan at the gate will contain your 33% concessions discount on the barcode or QR code. Simply present your ticket upon checkout and notify the cashier of your Season Ticket Holder status.


Q11. I want to get pizza, but my guest wants a Rathbun's Steak Sandwich.  How do we both get the 33% discount on concessions?

For mobile FanPass users, if multiple people in your account wish to purchase food from different locations at the same time, you will need to have forwarded the tickets to their account prior to entering the stadium. Otherwise all of the tickets will be on one phone.


Q12. When I forward tickets to a guest, do they need to have a Braves account to accept the tickets?

Yes, a Braves account is required to accept forwarded tickets. Your guest will be prompted to create an account if they don't already have one when they accept tickets. If your guest would like to take care of this step in advance, they can do so at Have them enter their email address in the box marked, "I don't have an account".


Q13. What if someone in my party arrives late?

If you can't travel to the event together, you will need to forward individual tickets to each member of your party. Forwarding is an easy process that will allow your guests to claim a ticket with their own smartphone or print their tickets at home. This benefit is free for Braves FanPass holders and helpful video tutorials can be viewed at! If you do keep your tickets on one smartphone, your entire party must enter at the same time.


Q14. What if I do not have service or my smartphone dies?

The smartphone you have loaded your tickets on within My Braves Account is your ticket.  Turner Field has been upgraded with a very strong Wi-Fi signal, so you should try and connect to this network once you arrive at the Turner Field gates.  If you have any issues at the gate, our representatives at the Season Ticket Holder Service Desk in the 755 Club Lobby can assist you. If you are using an iPhone, you can download the tickets in advance of arriving at Turner Field to your Passbook, which is Wi-Fi proof. There will be charging stations throughout Turner Field to charge your phone if you find yourself with an uncharged phone.


Q15. How do I use FanPass for parking?

Parking is the same as gate entry. Pull up your digital parking pass or mobile QR code and it can be scanned in the same fashion as your tickets.


Q16. Can I forward my parking passes?

Yes, you will be able to forward your parking passes just like your regular tickets. The parking attendants will have the same scanners as the ticket takers.


Q17. Can I forward tickets more than once?

If you forward your tickets and they are accepted, then the guest who accepted your tickets would need to log into their account to forward the tickets.


Q18. If I forward my tickets, how does my guest enter the ballpark?

When your guest accepts your tickets from their email account, they will be prompted to create a Braves online account or log into their existing online account.  From there, they will have the same options on retrieving their tickets, outlined in Q4.  They can print their tickets at home from a PC or use their Android or iPhone smartphone for mobile entry by logging into from their smartphone device.